Candy Word

Candy Word: A Sweet Version Of Word-Guessing Game

Have you ever tried Candy Crush Saga? This game captures the hearts of players thanks to its colorful concept and endless challenges to while away your free time. The good news is that these amazing features are applied to the word-guessing game for the first time. You will find this great combination in Candy Word.

How To Remain Your Streak In Candy Word Game

The game welcomes you with a fascinating world of candies and sweets. You will also notice a map with unlimited rounds coming as the main road of your journey. Every step you take opens a new corner of this magical world. But before that, you need to complete the stepping stone to go further.

Your mission changes from round to round, such as collecting a sufficient number of cakes or certain elements, scoring points, etc. So where does Wordle inspire the word-guessing concept? It is a twist behind your swaps with delicious sweets.

When you group at least three similar icons, they disappear and give way to individual letters. Now you have a side task - to create meaningful words containing a certain letter as required. The more candies you match, the more points you score and the more titles you unlock.

The best part is that you can develop keywords with any available letters in any position. The system also does not limit the length of your input as long as it leads to correct spelling. Just let your creativity run wild and fulfill the goals.

However, keep an eye on the number of moves given to each round and distribute them to different requests. Try to complete all the goals as quickly as possible because the bonus time offers great reward points. Otherwise, you must restart the level and play all over again.

Along with the feeling of victory after completing a level you also get bonuses to equip yourself with power-ups. These bonuses come in handy whenever you are in dead ends. Some special support for your preference includes:

  • Magic quill (cost 200 coins): publish an essential letter to complete your work in case you fail to find enough titles.
  • Pluck spoon (cost 250 coins): remove an object from your grid.
  • Alter liquid (cost 300 coins): transform random candies into letters.
  • Poison bomb (cost 350 coins): change elements around the boom into letters.
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