What Is Wordle? Why Is It So Popular?

The game we all now know as Wordle came from the mind of a Welsh software engineer named Josh Wardle. He created it initially as a personal gift for his partner, so it started out with a very limited release.

However, word of mouth and social media popularity propelled it into the spotlight. Its simplicity, coupled with the daily dose of mental challenge, made the game irresistible to anyone looking for a way to forget about the pandemic.

There are many factors that one can use to explain Wordle’s success. Its accessibility is a clear one. After all, you can play Wordle no matter which web browser you use. This feature makes the game incredibly wide-reaching, as everyone can enjoy the fun.

The game’s nature as a daily challenge also fosters a unique sense of accomplishment for all players. This, together with the shareable results, means a boom in online-friendly competition and conversations. Of course, there’s also the pandemic, which forces everyone to stay at home and become bored out of their minds.

All of these advantages of mixing means that the game enjoyed a meteoric rise to the top. As a result, The New York Times paid the original creator an undisclosed 7-figure sum for the rights to this game. From then on, the game continues releasing daily challenges to millions of players without end.

How To Play Wordle Game

You start a Wordle game by inputting a random 5-letter word. This word can be any of your choosing. However, each day only allows you 6 attempts at figuring this word out, so you should be wise with your choice. Once you have finished typing, hit Enter to see if your guess matches the answer.

The game will change the tile color of each character from white to green, yellow, or gray:

Green indicates that this character is correctly placed; there is no need to change anything. Yellow means that you should shuffle this character around a little bit. Gray tells you to drop that character and never use it again.

You can start guessing another word using the hints you have accrued. Keep doing so until you figure out the answer or run out of all available tries.

Tips To Play Wordle

Be Wise With The First Few Words

As always, the best tip for all Wordle players is to start strong. It would help if you used your first few guesses to narrow the options down so that your last few guesses have an easier time hitting the mark.

Using a word with three vowels will help you significantly reduce the possible answers. After all, there are only five consonants, so starting with a word like “CAUSE” or “IRATE” is very good.

Narrow Your Guesses Based On Colors

Another good tip is using deductive reasoning with the yellow tiles. A yellow character does appear in the word, just in another position. For instance, if your guess has a yellow K in the second letter, there is a high chance that placing it in the last spot will turn it green. Most words containing “K” tend to put it at the end.

It would help if you kept in mind that gray words are always worthless. As such, do not reuse any gray word under any circumstance. Once a word turns gray, the game tells you that this word cannot be used.

Benefits Of Playing Wordle

Wordle’s influence reaches much further than its gameplay. In just a few short years, it has become a huge cultural phenomenon, sparking the creation of countless articles about it. The hype doesn’t stop there, as all kinds of posts popped up on social media discussing it.

It is not at all an overstatement to say that this game’s success led to a resurgence of interest in word games and word puzzles. There is no better demonstration of the power simple yet engaging concepts can bring.

In addition to entertainment, Wordle offers many educational benefits. The game encourages players to expand their vocabulary, problem-solving, and logical reasoning skills and fosters a sense of community within their player base.

The ability to share daily challenges creates a ritual for many people. Doing so allows them to spark conversations with friends, family, and strangers, deepening their relationship.

Wordle Variations

Of course, with the level of success that Wordle is currently enjoying, other games will take inspiration from it. Added to this is the Wordle game’s incredibly adaptable formula, ensuring that countless variations can spawn, each catering to a specific interest.


If you are a music fan, you can try Heardle out. While it takes some inspiration from the Wordle game, it is a novel version of Name That Tune! You will need to identify a song by hearing just a few notes. All the Heardle songs are sourced from Spotify, so it also acts as a good pop culture test for the players.


For anyone who believes that the Wordle game has become too easy and predictable, something like Absurdle should satisfy them. As the name suggests, this game’s entire premise hinges on one word: absurd. The secret word changes with each guess, evading you until there is no other word to change into.


Another good Wordle alternative for those who play too much of regular Wordle is Squabble. It pits players against each other, allowing them to prove their word-solving speed to friends and even online strangers. If you guess wrong, your health gets subtracted, and you can only earn some back by guessing right.


All in all, Wordle’s incredible rise to a global phenomenon from a personal project is eternal proof of the power of simple yet engaging gameplay. The game’s impact on education, culture, and the gaming industry is undeniable.

The game achieved these impressive perks only because it could foster a sense of community, spark intellectual curiosity, and offer a daily dose of mental challenge.

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