Quordle is a wonderful game to try if you are into puzzle word games. Although the fundamental rules are straightforward, the game can be tricky to master. Getting interested? Keep reading to discover more information about this game.

What Is Quordle?

Quordle is a brand-new word game based on the idea behind the popular Wordle. It is highly replayable and hits the hardest difficulty setting for those seeking a challenging twist on Wordle. The goal is to find four hidden words with nine tries.

The game design is quite similar to its inspiration Wordle with the same color palette and boxes of 5-letter English words. The difference is instead of one grid, Quordle comes with four grids of five columns and nine rows. This makes the game more challenging yet more exciting to play.

There are two distinct game modes in the Quordle game:

  • Daily mode: A new set of puzzles will be set every day, waiting for you and other players to solve.
  • Practice mode: It enables you to play as much as you want, making it an excellent way to practice while waiting for the new puzzle in Daily mode.
  • How To Play Quordle

    The game’s rules are akin to Wordle’s. You have 9 chances in total to enter 5-letter words. Each box’s rows will be filled for each word entered. The appropriate letters are highlighted if you guess them correctly. Once a box is solved, words will no longer appear in other boxes.

    Enter any 5-letter word into the box provided. All four boxes will display the entered word. The color queues will display and act as a suggestion or clue for your hidden word.

    Green indicates that the letter is placed correctly. Yellow hints that the word contains this letter but in other spots. A letter with a gray background is not present in the hidden word.

    Keep guessing and typing more words. You may receive a tip about the proper word based on the tile color as the grid fills up with the right letters.

    Quordle Playing Tips

    Start With Common Letters

    Pay attention to the more popular letters. For example, you will notice that the letter N appears in words more frequently than the letter Z. Therefore, it is advisable to start with the common letters first, including all the vowels and nine common consonants, which are C, D, H, L, M, N, R, S, and T.

    Save Repetitive Letters For Last

    A letter can show up more than once. Still, it is advisable to hold off using the repeated letters until you are sure the hidden words contain them. Wait until you really need to use repetitive letters because they don’t provide you with as many clues as ones you haven’t tried yet.

    Avoid Giving Words With Many Letters Priority

    After playing a few words, avoid concentrating on the words with the most green or yellow squares. Leave them there for a while. Instead, concentrate on the words with fewer filled-in squares. Suppose you place too much emphasis on already largely filled spots; you might need to play repeated letters early.

    Wrapping Up

    We have provided you with all the basics of Quordle, a simple yet challenging game that can satisfy any puzzle enthusiast. Give it a try and test your reasoning skill. Play it now and have some fun!

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