Thirdle Game: Advanced Word Puzzle

Thirdle attracts Internet users due to its unique format and extra difficulty. Compared to the famous predecessor - Wordle, it is an upgrade in grid design and number of solution words.

The advanced setting draws inspiration from two more classic games, Sudoku and Scrabble. So what can you expect from the in-game experience? Scroll down to learn.

How To Play Thirdle

You do not feel much familiar when you log into Thirdle. Instead of a simple rectangular grid, the game shows up with a brand-new puzzle consisting of two horizontal and one vertical row connected at two intersections. These special locations are often flipped open to give the player the initial clues.

You then have six attempts to find the three masked keywords. You need to fill the grid at each try and press Enter to check for accuracy. Similar to other vocabulary games in the Wordle universe, the system measures your inputs through a characteristic color palette.

The green color shows you have placed the character in its correct place. Meanwhile, orange suggests a change of location within the current word, and purple indicates the transition to the remaining two terms. Unfortunately, your guess goes wrong when the tiles turn black. Remove those characters from your guess and start a new turn.

After each of your inputs, the old result is captured and displayed in the upper corner of the screen. Keep your eyes on these templates and adjust your strategy accordingly.

You can also keep track of your performance via the virtual keyboard at the bottom, which always keeps up to date. But be aware of a trap - a character may appear more than once.

You become the winner when you unlock all keywords within 6 turns. Regardless of victory or defeat, you only have one turn per day. Return at midnight local time to take on a new challenge.

Tips And Tricks To Win The Game

There are always secrets behind the victories of the experienced. Take our tips in mind and try them out for your challenge:

  • Put the vowels in the second or fourth position of the word in the first attempt.
  • Jot down all possibilities on paper instead of trial and error
  • Do not jump to hasty conclusions, as you may come across some meaningful words but not the solutions.
  • Cheating is fine when you are at a dead end.
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