About The Thirdle Game

Puzzle game fans will recognize that the Thirdle resembles wordle in the "dle" ending. It's all because it is a modified version of the Wordle game, with upgraded difficulty and a different gameplay.

Both are word-guessing games in which players will have to figure out the secret words of the game within a specific amount of guesses. However, unlike the Wordle game, which requires players to solve one word, the Thirdle game challenges players with three hidden words simultaneously.

It means that you have to deal with a 3x difficulty level. Consequently, even professional Wordle players will find the Thridle game a hardcore version.

How To Play The Thirdle Game?

Along with a higher level of difficulty, the Thridle game has a different game layout. It starts with a display of three hidden five-letter English words, and these words are placed like the layout of the Crossword game. By that, we mean letters contained in one word are also parts of another.

Besides, players will receive some letters with colored hints given in advance. You can guess the words in any order you want. But, bear in mind to come up with the most suitable choices due to the crossing position of letters in words. Furthermore, the game won't accept sensitive and rude words.

You can only submit your guesses after filling in all three words. Players will have six times to guess all the words. Once again, six guesses are applied to three words, but not one word can be guessed 6 times.

Hints In The Thridle Game

The Thridle game also provides players with colored hints like the Wordle game. Yet, since the game is more complicated, it delivers more colored hints than the Wordle game.

  • The green color is still a sign of a perfect guess. Green letters should stay where they are.
  • The orange color is applied to letters that are contained in the word, but they must be located in another position.
  • The purple color indicates letters that are a part of another word in the combination. Purple letters will appear in either of the two other words.
  • The black color shows up when letters are not in any of the hidden words.
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