If you feel Wordle isn’t difficult enough, try playing Octordle. This game will surely give you a hard time finding the answer to the puzzles. Want to learn more about this exciting game? Keep reading to find out!

What Is Octordle?

The Octordle game is similar to Wordle; the only difference is that you in Octordle have to deal with eight of the challenging riddles simultaneously. Thus, you can consider this game as the tougher variant of Wordle.

The rules are identical to Wordle Game, with the same color scheme and 5-letter English words. Still, the 8 grids considerably level up the difficulty throughout, which can be both a curse and a blessing.

The game features two different game modes:

  • Daily Octodle: As the name implies, a new Octordle is set every day for you to solve.
  • Free Octordle: This mode allows you to play as much as you want, which is a great way to get you used to its multitasking approach.
  • How To Play Octordle

    Here is a brief tutorial on how to play the game.

  • There are 8 hidden words hidden each time and a distinct 13-line field of 13 lines for each word. Enter the words to get hints.
  • Enter the first word, which should comprise 4-5 letters, based on the parameters, and then press the Enter key. This word will be input in every field at the same time (8 fields in total).
  • Now the letters of your word will change their color in every field (in various ways most of the time), giving you clues for the hidden word.
  • Green signals that the letter is correctly predicted and in the right spot. Yellow indicates that the letter is present in the hidden word but wrongly located. If a square turns gray, the letter inside does not belong to the hidden word.
  • Continue guessing and typing the words to get more hints. You will win when you figure out all 8 hidden words.
  • Octordle Playing Tips

    Start With Vowels

    Vowels are a crucial part of every word. Thus, testing the vowels A, E, I, O, U, and Y is the recommended action, enabling you to find the word more quickly and correctly.

    E is the vowel that appears most frequently in Octordle, followed by A, O, I, and U. Y is the last vowel to try. Utilize them in this order to maximize your chances of success

    Choose Very Distinct Words For The First Two Opening Line

    Wordle is a game about the process of elimination. Therefore, you can find success by trying your first guess with a word that has entirely different letters. This way, you will get more hints of the final word based on the tiles’ color.

    Take Advantage Of The Yellow Tiles

    After determining the first or last two letters, it is simpler to guess the words. Therefore, attempt to arrange yellow letters at the beginning or end of words. Placing the yellow tile contains a vowel next to a green tile with a consonant in your next move to enhance your chance of getting the right word.

    Wrapping Up

    Above are the fundamentals of Octordle, one of the most challenging puzzle games. What are you waiting for? Try Octordle now to test your English vocabulary and reasoning skills! We can guarantee you will fall in love with this puzzle game.

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