A Quick Look At The Cladder Game

Almost every puzzle game enthusiast will consider the famous Wordle game when mentioning a word-guessing game. This is understandable because it has paved a new way for developers to make a quick-to-play and exciting puzzle game.

And this world-famous game has inspired the Cladder game, but the variant has some interesting modifications.

Instead of guessing a five-letter English word, the Cladder game players must spot the exact 10 secret English words containing a random number of letters daily.

Besides, the Cladder game challenges players by limiting the amount of time allowed for a game, so you must answer 10 correct answers before the countdown clock ends.

How To Play Cladder?

Apart from making a precise guess, you must think of it quickly to win the Cladder game. The total amount of time for you to solve all ten secret words is 60 seconds. You will lose the game if you can’t finish all the words within one minute.

At first, the game will give you an answer in advance. Next, there will be a different demonstration below each blank row as a hint for the secret word. The demonstration can describe the meaning of formal English words or slang.

You can type as many guesses as you want, but running out of time will prevent you from trying all the possible word arrangements from your keyboard.

If your guessed word is correct, the game will automatically add one point for you. There is no need to press “Enter” to submit your answer in the Cladder game.

Are There Hints In The Cladder Game?

The description under the blank row is the hint itself. Furthermore, the next word of a correct answer will contain one different letter from the previous letters.

Therefore, your mission is almost finding a word containing one separate letter from the previous word. Guessing will be much easier when combining this hint with the description.

If you make a wrong guess, the game will show you which letter is replaced by coloring it yellow. For instance, the first solution word is “Hike”, and the second one is “Bike”, so the game will color the position of the “H” yellow when you make a wrong guess after the “Hike” word.

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