Cloudle Game - World Weather Report

Inspired by Wordle - the popular word-guessing game these days, Cloudle brings a sense of familiarity to players due to the classic grid interface and game rules.

However, a twist gives you a new experience. The game develops based on weather conditions worldwide instead of 5-letter keywords. Hence, sharing this game with your kids and having fun is a great idea.

How To Play Cloudle

As mentioned above, your main task at Cloudle is to guess the weather in the last 5 days of a random country selected by the system. As soon as you log into the game, you will come across an empty grid, but do not rush to fill the tiles immediately. First, check the required region and timeline at the top of the main interface, then start your weather forecast.

Instead of a virtual reality keyboard filled with letters like Wordle, you now have icons representing different weather conditions (in order from left to right, as shown below). Refer to our interpretation of what they mean to pinpoint your choice:

  • Few clouds: Clouds cover 0-25% of the sky
  • Scattered clouds: Clouds cover 25-50% of the sky
  • Broken clouds/Overcast: Clouds cover 50-100% of the sky
  • Drizzle: Light rain shower
  • Rain: Light, medium, or heavy rain
  • Thunderstorm: Thunderstorm (rain or not rain)
  • Snow: Snow, freezing rain, or sleet
  • Mist: Haze, smoke, fog, dust, ash, sand, or tornado.
  • You must fill a row each turn to collect more hints, like finding the mysterious keyword. Tap on the icon that you think is correct and press Enter. The system automatically analyzes your inputs and calculates accuracy using a signature color palette.

    Green indicates you are on the right track, while yellow implies changing the icon's position. Conversely, gray means that your choice does not belong to the final answer.

    Repeat as directed and rack your brains until all titles turn green. However, you only have 6 turns to solve the puzzle and get the sweet smell of success. Have a smart plan, and be careful with your every move!

    Can I Play The Previous Cloudle Puzzle?

    Of course, YES. At the main interface, click on the Cloudle section in the upper left corner of the screen. Select Game Archive, and you will head to a long list of previous challenges sorted by month. Pick one and have fun reaching the highest score. You never get uninspired, as there are hundreds of challenges from April 2022 until now to spoil you.

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