Codewords Introduction

If you have ever played Codenames, you should be eager for Codewords. This game appeals to many players as a soothing diversion from the hassles of challenging crossword clues. It's a great party game, but it will also attract enthusiasts of board games with more strategic depth.

Now let's get right to it and discover more details about the game.

About Cordwords

The game board is made up of 25 random words. This game is for four or more players with two teams - the red and the blue team.

Nine of the 25 words belong to the team that was randomly chosen to speak first, and eight of the words belong to the opposing team. Seven neutral words and a bomb term are also present.

Each group has a commander who is fully aware of which terms are the bomb, which words belong to their team and the other team, and which words are neutral.

The objective of this game is for spies to communicate hints to their field agents so that they can decode every word without discovering the bomb. The winning team is the one who cracks all of their codes first; if one team finds the bomb, the rival team triumphs.

How To Play Codewords Game

If you are unfamiliar with this game, you should look it up. But once you follow these guidelines, you can play until your copy comes.

Create Game

Visit and select "create game" to start creating a game. Then, enter your name as well as the room's name. By sharing the room name or URL, you can invite other players to your game and have fun together!

Both before and between game rounds, the host, who created the room, is in charge of allocating teams. Do the same with "join game".

Assigning Teams

To do so, the host should move each player's name onto the red or blue side. Anyone who is not participating in a round may remain unassigned. Be aware that you might need to scroll to view all of the members if a team has more than four members or if any are left unallocated.

After that, the host can begin the game. Keep in mind that each team must have a minimum of two players.

Spymasters and Sending Clues

The time to crack the code has arrived immediately as the spymasters provide their hint. The codebreaker will see the code and have to select the precise number of cards the spymasters specified. Each hint includes a number from 0 to 9 and a proper noun.
The game will continue until someone discovers all their cards, or maybe a team discovers the bomb card.

Source: Screenshot at Cordwords

Game Controls

You can play the game with your keyboard or mouse, or both. Use your mouse to click a box on the playing area. After that, hit a letter to allocate it to that box in the key.

To navigate around the board when playing solely with a keyboard, press the arrow keys. After that, you can use your keyboard to give each square a letter. Additionally, you may use the mouse to choose squares along with the keyboard to assign letters.

Codewords Tips and Tricks

You want to finish the puzzle quickly and correctly to get the best score you can. Once you've typed a letter into your first square, the timer will start. Before you begin, spend your time and check over the word puzzle.

There are frequent points that demand vowels. For instance, the gap before and after two consecutive consonants is probably a vowel.

Additionally, search for numerous squares with the same number. There will be popular letters like s, r, t, e, and a. With a little forethought, you'll quickly have high scores on Codeword quizzes.


A daily Codewords puzzle is the perfect diversion if Wordle Online bores you when you're trying to retrain your mind for a new assignment. So, should you be looking for a fun game to play with your friends, then Codewords is worth the time. Go ahead and start playing!

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