Contexto: A Fun Yet Tricky Challenge

Contexto attracts many gamers based on its easy-to-understand gameplay but packed with barriers to achieving the perfect score. The use of the AI rating system to judge and guide you to the correct answer makes it stand out in the word-guessing game industry.

The lack of an input limit lets your creativity run wild but also poses challenges on your way to victory. Two contrasting vibes stimulate your curiosity and aggression - that is how this game became popular.

How To Play Contexto Game

Contrary to Wordle and its popular variants, Contexto does not impose any restriction on keyword length or guess. This means that you do not have any hints right from the start. Players start with any term based on their hunch and make adjustments based on the rating system.

Your goal is to figure out the mystery keyword that ranks at number 1. An artificial intelligence algorithm sorts your inputs and scores them according to their similarity to the final result.

After submitting a word, you will see its position in a small rectangular bar in the center of the screen. The smaller its rating, the closer you get to the finish line. Color also reflects the accuracy of your inference. For example, blue indicates you are on the right track, while yellow means you are a little further away. Unfortunately, red indicates your strategy has gone astray.

Correctness here does not mean the words are synonyms or have the same spelling. The algorithm analyzes thousands of texts and lists out a list of words that have the same context for the result.

In other words, your input achieves high rankings when it appears frequently with the mysterious keyword in the content. The co-occurrence of semantic connection determines your success.

Tips To Play Contexto

It is best to start with general words like PEOPLE, PLACE, THOUGHTS, FOOD, ANIMALS, CAREER, etc. Provide more specific terms once you've narrowed it down to a defined category.

The good news is that the game offers helpful hints to save you from dead ends. Tap on the settings icon in the upper right corner of the screen, then select Tip. The game ends when word number 1 is revealed, or you give up. Fight to your last breath!

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