What Is The Crosswordle Game?

The Crosswordle game is a puzzle game inspired by the reputable word-guessing game Wordle. We bet that you can clearly see the resemblance in the “dle” ending.

Since the Crosswordle game is a Wordle variant, it possesses features identical to the original version, such as graphics, colored hints, and the number of allowed guesses.

However, Crosswordle’s gameplay is utterly different from Wordle's. In Wordle, you must figure out the solution secret word from a blank row without any hints at the first guess.

Crosswordle provides an answer, and your mission is to find the steps leading to the answer. Don’t underestimate the difficulty of Crosswordle due to the given solution. The reverse gameplay even makes the game more challenging than it used to be.

How To Play Crosswordle?

Playing Crosswordle is nothing different from playing Wordle. You must arrange your guess from the alphabetical letters as long as the word you choose must be valid and consist of five letters. Once you finish typing the guess, hit “Enter.”

How To Understand The Rules Of Crosswordle?

The Crosswordle game will give you the solution word in advance with a row full of green letters. And the above rows will be randomly colored in gray, yellow, and green.

When you first play the Crosswordle game, its rules are quite complicated and confusing. Therefore, we will interpret it with an actual game below.

As you can see from the picture above, “BLESS” is the solution word of today’s Crosswordle, so you must figure out the steps leading to the correct word “BLESS”.

In the first row, all square boxes are gray, indicating that you mustn't fill them with any letters showing the word “BLESS”. You will do the same with the second row, but the letters in the second row must differ from the solution and first-row words.

In the third row, the yellow square boxes appear, and your mission is to fill the yellow boxes with letters contained in the word “BLESS”. Yet, the yellow letters must be in different positions from theirs in the solution word. Of course, the gray letters must differ from those in the keyword.

You will do the same with the yellow and gray letters in the fourth row. The green box shows up in the fourth row. You must fill the green box with the same letter placed in a similar spot in the word “BLESS”. In the example, “E” will be the letter for the green spot in the fourth row.

We bet you can understand how to deal with the fifth row now. Don’t worry that you will get lost. The Crosswordle will notify you whenever you make a mistake. Click “Show error details” to know what has gone wrong with your guess.

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