A Quick Introduction To The Driverle Game

The Driverle game is a puzzle game where players guess the correct driver’s name from the provided statistics and information. As inferred from the name, the game is a variant inspired by the renowned word-guessing game Wordle. So, you can consider the Driverle game as an F1 version of the Wordle game.

While Wordle challenges people to spot the precise secret five-letter English word within six tries, the Driverle game provides players with 10 guesses to find the exact name of a secret F1 driver. Apart from the default play, this game allows players to opt for various modifications.

How To Play The Driverle Game?

You can guess by typing the driver’s name in the guessing box. Don’t forget to press “Submit” after you finish your guess.

If the game is too easy or complicated, you can modify the settings by clicking the toothed wheel icon in the top right corner. You can adjust the period of time when the driver is active in the F1 races by dragging the “Seasons” section.

Besides, you can decide which information to show on your screen, like the entire information, only point figures, or winning races figures.

Unlike Worlde, which gives players one game daily, the Driverle game offers unlimited games. You can switch between the “Daily mode” and the “Infinite mode” in the setting section.

Understanding Of The Driverle Hints

After you submit the potential F1 driver’s name, a list of hints will show up to take you closer to the correct answer.

Eight figures are showing you different information about the solution player:

  • The “First year” and “Last year” columns indicate when the driver begins his F1 career and his latest participation.
  • The “Win” column displays how many times the driver has won F1 races so far.
  • The “Top 3s” column shows the times the driver completed his F1 race in the third-best positions.
  • The “Pnts” column is the total amount of points the driver has achieved in F1.
  • The “Poles” column demonstrates the number of times the driver starts his races in the first position on the grid.
  • The “GPs” column lists how many Grand Prix the driver has attended.
  • The “WCs” column is the figure for the number of World Championships the driver has competed in.
  • Besides these columns, the up and down arrows will help you determine whether your guess figures are lower or higher than the precise figures.

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