What Is Duotrigordle?

Bryan Chen developed Duotrigordle in 2022 with inspiration from Wordle and many more puzzle games.

Generally, the Duotrigordle game is an alternative to the Wordle game with upgraded difficulty. Instead of figuring out one secret five-letter word in Wordle, you must find 32 hidden words in the Duotrigordle game. More concealed words mean more guessing times, so you will have 37 tries to detect all the words.

Apart from the guessing ability, you will have to combine your memory and management skills to deal with this hard-core Wordle-like game.

You must create a word without affecting words on other boards because one word you choose on one board will show up on every 32 boards. As a result, green or yellow words on one board may be the gray ones on other boards.

It may sound impossible to become the winner in Duotrigordle. Yet, there’s still a way if you are patient and come up with tricks from your experience. Now, let’s see some tutorials on how to play Duotrigordle.

How To Play The Duotrigordle Game?

Wordle-like games always attract players due to their simplicity and fun gameplay. And, Duotrigordle is not the opposite. You may assume that 37 guessing times is a generous offer from the developer, but sometimes it’s not efficient for you to figure out 32 secret words simultaneously.

Playing Duotrigordle isn’t different from playing Wordle because this game is Wordle itself but more complicated. You can guess a five-letter secret word by typing your physical keyboard or using the virtual keyboard on the screen. There are three cases when you choose a letter:

  • If the letter is gray, it means that the letter is not in the secret word.
  • If the letter turns yellow, it is in the secret word but isn't in the correct position.
  • When the letter becomes green, it indicates the letter is in the secret word and stays in the exact position.
  • Tricks For Playing Duotrigordle

  • In the first three turns, you should use the words that have dissimilar letters to check the position and availability of letters. Don’t focus on solving one word too early because it may lead you to waste your guesses for other words.
  • Try the simple and common words. There aren’t many odd five-letter words that Duotrigordle can challenge you with, especially when you have to handle 32 concealed words simultaneously.
  • After a few guesses, there must be green letters for you. In this case, you need to spot which word has the most green letters and focus on solving that word.
  • Don’t let an unfinished word bother you. You must be mentally strong to leave it and keep moving on with other words.
  • When you lose your concentration, you should take a break. Pushing yourself to solve several words at once will tire out your mind, and easing your mind is highly recommended.
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