The Fibble Game At A Glance

The Fibble game, like many other games consisting of the “dle” ending, is a variant of the phenomenal word-guessing game Wordle. If you haven’t heard of the Wordle game, it’s a puzzle game that involves players figuring out a hidden five-letter English word within six tries. During the game, you will receive color hints to tell you which letter should be retained.

And Fibble is also a word-guessing game with a theme and design almost similar to the original Wordle version. However, the gameplay is altered for a more interesting vibe.

Instead of having six guesses, Fibble players have 9 guesses to form the exact secret word. Definitely, the more allowed tries mean, the more challenging the game becomes.

The Fibble game will trick players by giving fake color hints to distract them from analyzing their deduction. Your analyzing technique in the Fibble game must be more significantly upgraded than in the Wordle game to avoid the tricks and reach the correct solution.

The Rule Of The Fibble Game

The rules of the Fibble game are understandable. With unlimited time, you will have 9 guesses to spot the precise secret word. But the game will reset with new words daily, so you should finish the game within 24 hours.

Unlike the Wordle game, the Fibble game allows players to enjoy its previous-day game. As a result, you can keep on your work by clicking the “Previous” word next to the date.

In the Fibble, the word you form must be a valid five-letter English word, or else the game won’t accept it when you submit your guess.

Hints In The Fibble Game

The Fibble game provides hints via the signature colors familiar in many Wordle variants:

  • The green color is applied to the letters that appear in the secret word and are put in the correct position.
  • The yellow is for letters in the solution word, but you must alter their positions.
  • The gray color is a sign of letters completely not related to the secret words.
  • Besides the basic hints, the Fibble also offers players guides to deal with the tricked letters:

  • If you suspect a letter is distracting, you can click it to “flag” the letter as an avoid-picking one.
  • On the contrary, if you believe a letter is included in the word, you can hold your click on it for seconds to “circle” the letter.
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