Infinite Wordle

Brief Introduction To The Infinite Wordle Game

In the community of puzzle game lovers, the Wordle game stands out as one of the most prominent titles. The game impresses players with its exciting gameplay and is suitable for gamers of any age. However, the downside of this version is the limited gameplay, with only one available game daily.

To assist players in playing Wordle unlimitedly, the Wordle Infinite is released to the public. Since it is a variant of the Wordle game, this title has many features in common with the original version. Yet, the most important factor is that it offers players limitless word-guessing games daily.

Infinite Wordle Playing Tutorial

Playing the Infinite Wordle game is so simple that any gamer can get acquainted with it after one try only. You will form a five-letter English word from the provided alphabetical letters, then press Enter to submit your guess. The game only accepts valid English words, which means the word must be correct in terms of spelling and meaning.

Within six tries, you must find out the secret word of the game, or else you will lose the game. However, after using all the allowed guesses in the Infinite Wordle game, players can keep playing a new game by pressing the Another button. Meanwhile, in the original Wordle game, players must wait until the next day to get a new word-guessing game.

Hints In The Infinite Wordle Game

Once you finish making a guess, the game will give you some hints to indicate that the answer is correct, nearly correct, or wrong. The hints will be displayed under three colors:

  • The green color will represent an utterly precise letter. If you get a row full of green letters, you will win the game.
  • The dark gray color is a sign of a wrong guess. It won’t appear in the hidden word and must be avoided.
  • The yellow color tells you that the letter you pick is included in the secret word, but it is located in another place rather than the position you put it in.
  • Another interesting feature of the Infinite Wordle game is that the game will display the meaning and description of the hidden word after the game ends. Therefore, non-English-speaking players can immediately learn a new English word while having fun with the game.

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