Larry Birdle


If you’re a basketball fan, then the Larry Birdle game is the perfect game. It’s a variation of the popular Wordle game. But instead of testing your vocabulary, it tests your knowledge of famous basketball players.

Interested? This guide has everything you need to know about this fun little game.

What Is the Larry Birdle Game?

The Larry Birdle game is a word-based puzzle game that is updated daily (meaning you can only play once a day.) In this game, the goal is to guess the name of the NBA player on the screen within eight guesses. The game encompasses the entire roster of the NBA.

How to Play Larry Birdle

The basic idea behind the game is simple enough. But, for those who want to know more, here are the detailed rules.

The Basic Rules

You will be given the photo of a “mysterious” NBA player when you press the start button. As we said earlier, the aim is to guess their name.

Depending on your guesses, you will be given feedback that you can use to refine your answers.

Let’s say the mystery player is Cam Reddish, but your guess is Anfernee Simons. Both are Guards, so the “Position” line on the screen will flash green. They are both 23 years old, so their ages will flash green, too.

However, while Reddish’s number is 21, Anfernee is 1. The game may flash yellow at the “Number” attribute box to give you a hint. There may even be an upward arrow next to the yellow box, helpfully indicating that you should guess players with uniform numbers larger than 1.

If your guesses are wrong, the boxes won’t change color.

Where Can You Play Larry Birdle?

You can play the game on its official page at:

Tips and Tricks

If you want to be good at Larry Birdle, here are a few tips and tricks that you can use to improve your winning chance.

Read More on the NBA’s Roster

This “trick” is quite apparent. Since the game is about guessing players, you must familiarize yourself with the NBA’s roster. Read about every player if you’re up to it. But most importantly, give yourself a refresher course on everyone’s faces.

Take Advantage of the “No Daily Limit” Feature

Despite requiring you to guess the player within eight tries, the game has no daily limit. If you fail the puzzle, you can restart it whenever you want. So, don’t stress! If you can’t identify the player or remember the name this time, you’ll be able to next time.

Use the Silhouette Mode

In the SIlhouette mode, you will be given a dark outline of the player. It makes it easier to guess the name, especially if they have a distinctive hairstyle. If you were having trouble guessing the name, the Silhouette mode would be a good help.


Larry Birdle is an excellent puzzle game for basketball lovers. Not only will it test your knowledge of the NBA’s roster, but it can also be an opportunity to learn about new players you haven’t bothered to check up on.

Good luck!

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