Letter Boxed

What Is The Letter Boxed Game?

The Letter Boxed game is a puzzle game in which players must find out all the possible words from the given letters placed on four sides of the square. This title is even more challenging when it requires players to guess a word having the first letter as the last letter of the previous word.

There’s no limit to your imagination as long as the words you choose are correctly spelled and qualified with all the requirements of the game. Remember that you only win when all the words are used up.

Guide To Play The Letter Boxed Game

The game will start with a square containing three letters on each side. Therefore, you will have 12 different letters in the game to form your words.

You can start your first guess with any letter combination, but the word must contain at least three letters to be counted as an approved answer. The game won’t score you for each correct word you find because the ultimate mission is to figure out all the words. So, you can evaluate your performance with the number of words created.

The most interesting part of the game is that all the words must be related to each other. By that, we mean that the subsequent word must include the ending letter of the previous word. For instance, if your first guess is the word “BAT,” your next guess must be a word that starts with the letter “T.”

What’s more, the game will seem to be easy after a few guesses. Yet, the problem only shows up after only one letter remains on the square, but you don’t know what to do with it. In this case, you can only remove the previous words and come up with another one. The worst case is when you must erase all the words and restart from scratch.

Notes In The Letter Boxed Game

You can’t place letters on the same side beside each other without interruption from letters from another side of the square. Let’s take an example with the image above. You can’t put the letters “O,” “A,” or “C” beside each other, so a word like “TEACH” is not counted because “A” and “C” stand next to each other. However, the same letter can be reused if it satisfies this rule of the game.

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