Poeltl Introduction

If you wish to play a puzzle-guessing game with a concept suitable for sports fans, there’s nothing more ideal than Poeltl. This game is a perfect version of the Wordle game to test your knowledge about NBA players.

The following article will give you a detailed view into useful information about the rules and great tricks to have a successful round. Let’s find out more together!

What Is Poeltl?

Poeltl is an awesome word-guessing idea with the main theme related to NBA. In each round, you are required to use eight tries to guess the name of a secret NBA player.

You will get closer to the final answer based on the given hints about some specific information, such as the player’s team, position, age, height, jersey number, etc. If you have no interest in basketball, you will have difficulty reaching the goal of guessing the right player’s name.

How To Play Poeltl?

Like other puzzle-solving rounds, the Poeltl game provides color-changing clues after each guess. It will show you how matched is your selected choice and the hidden answer, which helps you avoid wasting your guessing attempts.

The green color always indicates the right answer, showing a right match in any column. Meanwhile, you will know that your guess is partly correct when a column turns yellow.

For example, a yellow team column hints that the player once played for one team and has now moved to another. The same color rule applies to other columns. In case you see no change in the column, it means that there’s no match here.

How To Have A Good Plan For Your Success?

Closely Follow The Hints

During your playing time, the game will provide you with diverse hints to help you overcome the challenge without difficulty. That’s why paying attention to the given clues would be best to win each round.

You will see the arrows in the columns of height, age, and jersey number, which hints at the correct direction for searching for the right number. The yellow color will appear if the right number is within 2 (plus 1/2 or minus 1/2).

Ask For Help

The last thing you should do if you are stuck with the answer is to choose the silhouette mode. A silhouette of the player will show up, and you can rely on it to ask for help from your friends or search for information on Google.


After reading the article, we hope Poeltl will grow on you as an exciting option for an unforgettable playing experience. Basic knowledge and an effective strategy will lead you to a successful result in each round.

You may not love the game at first sight, but after giving it a try, you will find it hard to resist the charming features of the game.

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