If you’re a fan of Wordle, you will soon come to love Quardle: a new, much more challenging variation of the game. According to the inventor of this type of game, David Mah, the idea behind it was “a moment of evil and genius.”

Doesn’t that sound like a kind of game that could keep puzzle lovers engaged for hours on end?

Here is all you should know about the Quardle game, as well as how to play it!

What Is the Quardle Game?

Quardle isn’t exactly an original game. It is another name (or variation) of the game Quordle. Other than the difference in the name, the rules are the same.

Both Quardle and the original Wordle games are word-based puzzle games. You are given multiple blank lines that you have to fill in with fitting words based on the clues given to you at the bottom.

In the Wordle game, you are given several blank lines that you have to fill in individually, unlike a game of crosswords. Quardle is the same, but there is a (rather evil) twist.

Instead of guessing the words one by one, you have to figure out a solution that can fill all four lines. So, you are forced to be more creative and strategic regarding your guesses in Quardle.

That’s the reason why it’s considered a more challenging version of the original Wordle game!

How to Play Quardle

Actually, we have already explained 90% of the rules above. But if you’re looking for a more detailed view of the game, here it is.

The Basic Rules

Other than the blank lines to fill, you will also be given a keyboard with several letters. The task is to use all the letters to arrange them into words that can fit four lines on the screen.

If you get the correct letter in the correct tile, it will turn green. Meanwhile, if the letter is correct but in the wrong tile, it will turn yellow. In case the letters are incorrect, the tiles will be grayed out.

Guess tactically to get all of the correct letters into the right tiles!

The Today’s Puzzle

Every day, on the Quardle game app, you will have a Today’s puzzle. It is refreshed every 24 hours. So, log in and solve them as quickly as you can!

Where Can You Play Quardle?

You can play Quardle through the web via the link here https://wordlewordle.org/quardle/

Tips and Tricks

Just like with any game, there are strategies and tricks that you can use to become a better player.

Focus on Shorter Words

A common pitfall of new players is giving too much attention to the words with the most colored boxes. When that happens, let them sit still and lay your eyes on the lines that don’t have as many colors.

If you focus on them too much, you’ll have to play repeated letters early into the game, which will cost you points and turns.

Keep Words with Repeating Letters for Last

If you suspect a word is using repeated letters, save it for last. If you use too many repeated letters in your game, you will miss out on points and turns.

Skip Words When Needed

When you get stuck on a word with multiple colored boxes, just ignore it and move on to the next one. You can return to words that have a lot of revealed letters or words with duplicated letters in the meantime.

Getting too fixated on a stuck word will cost you a lot of precious turns.


Quardle is an entertaining game that can give your brain the stimulation it needs to remain sharp. Give it a shot!

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