2022 will likely be remembered as the year of word puzzles. Since the viral sensation of Wordle, many other word games have been released, and Qwordle is among them.

Yet, this game is harder and has a little more adrenaline. Read on to know everything about this 4x harder version of the Wordle!

About Qwordle

Qwordle is a free online word game that plays very similarly to Wordle, yet you have to guess one of two words that exist in the same set of six guesses.

The challenge in Qwordle is how you are given clues about the correct words. An entangled word pair never has any letters that cross over.

We’ll show you how to play with tips and tricks to improve your expertise below.


The game is pretty easy to understand. You have six chances to guess one of two keywords correctly. Each guess must be an actual, five-letter word, and you must press the enter key to submit.

Each time you try, the color of the tiles changes to indicate how close you are to spelling the right answer.

Classical Case

You will see colorful tiles that are fully filled if your prediction matches the letters of one of the two words in the entangled pair. There is, however, no hint as to which of the two words in the combination corresponds to your current hunch.

For instance, if the hidden words are WALTZ and MUSIC, the guess (WEARY) is the closest to WALTZ. W is where it belongs, but A is where it belongs incorrectly. You will see all of the tiles entirely filled for the entire guess because the paired letters are part of the same word (WALTZ).

Quantum Case

In this case, you will see colored tiles with half of their fill if your guess matches letters from both words in the entangled pair. Like the rule above, these tiles don’t specify which ones go with which word in the pair.

This is comparable to repeated measurements of numerous, nearly identical entangled pairs yielding conflicting results (duality).

For example, if the hiding words were SOUND and TANGO, the guess (TAXES) contains letters of both words. When a letter is on the right spot, it will mark green. It is yellow if you put the correct letter in the wrong place. If the tile color is gray, it is the wrong one.

Since the matching letters belong to different words, you’ll see half-filled cells for the entire prediction.

One key point to be aware of is that the letters in the two last words never overlap, so you shouldn’t try to predict the letters in both simultaneously. Once you’ve identified the right letters, keep in mind that they only make up a portion of one of them.

A Few Tips For The Game

Word games can initially seem intimidating and difficult to understand for some individuals. If you fall into that category, don’t worry! We have a few tips and strategies to help you consistently succeed in the Qwordle game.

  • Try common letters: The first guess is crucial, so try words with the e, t, a, o, i, n, s, h, and r., or start with a word that contains the letters t, a, o, d, or w.
  • Think about combinations: Some letters in English frequently go together while others don’t. For example, CH, ST, and ER are significantly more likely to be adjacent than VP, GH, FJ, or VY.
  • Consider diverse ideas: To win the game, you must combine linguistic skills with useful resources like word finder. Don’t limit yourself to using simply the words you are familiar with; think bigger and better.
  • Conclusion

    Compared to Wordle, Qwordle is certainly an upgrade. After all, who can ignore it? Clearing the mysterious word will simply make your day that much better.

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