Revertle: An Opposite Version Of Wordle

Revertle is a spin-off of Wordle but with a reverse rule. Instead of finding the main keyword, you will receive 5 red letters of a puzzle word from the get-go. Your job is to form valid words without placing them in the similar positions in the puzzle phrase. You win if all those red letters switch to green.

So does this setup make your challenge easier and deprive your motivation? Absolutely, NO. Even if all the letters are available, you must still dig through the vast vocabulary to develop valid terms. It is not an easy time, yet worth trying now.

How To Play Revertle Game

Like Wordle, this game offers a hidden 5-character keyword and an empty grid in the main interface. You also have 5 turns to complete the mission. However, there are always adjustments to bring new in-game experiences.

For instance, Revertle unlocks all the letters in the puzzle phrase on a virtual reality keyboard, which are painted in red. It is tricky because it does not tell you the correct sequence to form the target word. Your task is not to figure out the word but to stay away from it.

In simple terms, you construct new meaningful words containing the required characters so that they are arranged in different positions from the puzzle word. For instance, if the puzzle word is "APPLE" and you enter "ALIVE," the system evaluates your results as follows:

  • The letter A is in the accurate keyword, but its position is the same as the letter A in the puzzle word. Hence, the tile transforms into red, and the same happens with the letter E.
  • The letter L turns yellow because it is placed in a different spot compared to the original one.
  • The remaining characters from ALIVE are highlighted in gray since they do not belong to the correct answer.
  • The letter P stays red on the virtual keyboard as you have not entered it in the grid yet.
  • So when do you win? Victory comes when you change all the required characters to green. But how? Now go back to the case of the letter L in our example above. You must enter another word with the letter L but in a different position compared to the original position until it turns green (meaning you use it correctly 2 times).

    Do the same with the remaining ones until they meet the requirement. Note that you only have a meager number of attempts to work with all. It is best to input an option with many required characters at one try and quickly figure out their positions.

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