Rodrigle: An Exciting Game For Olivia's Fans

Rodrigle opens up a huge universe revolving around Olivia Rodrigo - a young and famous pop star. Inspired by Wordle, its daily challenge comes with a random keyword about all aspects of her life and creates a fun quiz for visitors. It merges two of your favorite categories - idols and word-guessing games - to increase your joy with the game.

How To Play Rodrigle Game

Welcoming you will be a familiar grid that you usually see in other Wordle-inspired games. Similar to Wordle, your task is to find a mysterious keyword, but now you have an important hint right from the start - it is all about the discography and cultures of Olivia Rodrigo.

Depending on the random term chosen by the system, the length of the keyword changes every day. You must fill a row with a meaningful word and press Enter. The game automatically evaluates the accuracy of the input and returns the feedback through a color scheme.

Green shows the character has come to where it belongs, while orange suggests a change of position to improve the chances of winning. On the other hand, gray means that letter never appeared in the correct answer. Get rid of it and start a new attempt with other possibilities!

Take note of your remaining moves, as it is not infinite. You only have 6 turns to flip all the tiles to green. You fail when you cannot complete the mission within the limited number of tries.

Tips To Enjoy The Game To The Fulfillment

Is it easy to win this game? The answer is NO. It covers many aspects of Olivia, such as album name, lyrics, awards, and even ex-lovers. First, you need to know as much as possible about this well-favored pop star, then develop a smart strategy. Here are a few essential tips for your preference:

  • Sacrifice the first turns for hints. Needless to say, anyone needs some orange or, better yet, green letters to narrow down the pool of possibilities.
  • Use common letters like "E," "A," or "T" at the beginning - a good tip for all word-guessing games.
  • Learn about Olivia Rodrigo's music and career path.
  • Think of her scandal when you are at a dead end.
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