What Is Scramble?

Scramble has long been an interesting puzzle word-guessing game in English-speaking countries. The Scramble game requires players to form as many valid English words as possible from a 5x5 grid board with provided letters.

At first, you may assume that Scramble is similar to Wordle Online due to its appearance and mission. On the contrary, Scramble differs from the well-known Wordle in every aspect.

You will start the game with a 5x5 grid board with 25 letter boxes having one of the green, yellow, or gray colors. There will be a letter in each box, and a letter can appear more than once.

For instance, you already have the letter “S” in the first row, but you still have another “S” in other rows. For this reason, you won’t ever have a full alphabet to create a word. You must rely on the letters in 25 boxes to arrange valid words.

In SCRAMBLE, the guess is unlimited. On the contrary, the time for each game is within 10 minutes. Moreover, you must complete up to 100 solution words to get the highest result, not a single word like other word-guessing games. Therefore, you should strive your best to find out as many words as possible to achieve a record for yourself.

How To Play Scramble Game


Scramble rules are relatively harder to comprehend than Wordle. Yet, we bet you can catch the idea after one trial round.

The yellow, gray, and green colors indicate the same meaning as they do in Wordle and almost every word-guessing game:

  • The green letter shows that it is in the right column and row
  • The gray letter means that it is not in any column or row
  • The yellow letter indicates that it is in the precise row, but in the other column
  • Apart from these standard colors, Scramble players must learn the meaning of the red color. The red color is the signal of two cases:

  • You use a letter that doesn’t appear in the grid.
  • You pick a letter whose quantity in the grid is fewer than in your word. For example, there is only one letter “P” in the grid, but you arrange the word “HAPPY”. So, one letter “P” is not enough to form the word.
  • You will get one point for each word you correctly guess. However, Scramble inserts a bonus engine for players who pick the random lucky word. There is a special word in each row, and you will get a doubled score if choosing that word.

    Game Modes

    You can opt for the daily mode or unlimited mode in Scramble. The daily mode allows you to guess the words within 10 minutes. If your time is up, you must wait until the next day to keep playing. In contrast, the unlimited mode offers you to replay limitlessly. When you use up 10 minutes, you can start another round.

    Scramble Tricks

    You can search for a list of five-letter words on the Internet. Then, try to apply the potential word to the grid. Since your guess is endless, you can try until the word is correct. Remember to use this trick only when you feel hopeless.

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