A Quick Glance At The Sectordle Game

The Wordle game has been an iconic game among the community of puzzle game enthusiasts. However, more and more tricks and tools are introduced to handle a Wordle puzzle faster, so the game may get less challenging over time. Consequently, other variants must show up to keep the favor of gamers for the famous word game. And that’s how Sectordle was created.

The Sectordle game is a product of Bryan Chen but not Josh Wardle, the father of Wordle. Bryan still respects the original game by adding the “dle” to the Sectordle game’s name.

The Sectordle game is still a word-guessing game, like its original version. Yet, instead of challenging players with one secret English word, the new game requires players to figure out 32 secret words in one session. The mission seems to be quite impossible, isn’t it?

The Rule Of Sectordle

The Sectordle game consists of 32 tables representing 32 secret words for players to guess. Therefore, when you guess the words, you can separately complete each without interrupting the others.

Moreover, the word you guess won’t appear in a single table, but it will be applied to all the tables. You can keep track of all the guesses with colored hints by scrolling up and down to check the tables.

Once you finish a table, it will be shadowed in a gray color. Of course, coming with the numerous hidden words are 37 provided guesses for players. You win the game by solving all the tables before using up the allowed tries.

The Hints And Tricks Of The Sectordle Game

The Sectordle game also provides players with hints via the familiar colors appearing in the Wordle game:

  • The green color is applied to the letters that are put in the right places of the solution words.
  • The yellow letters indicate letters formed with the secret words, but they are not arranged properly. You must change their positions in the subsequent guess.
  • Letters that are not in the secret words won’t be colored.
  • People playing the Sectordle game are prone to completing the tables individually, but this is a big mistake. You should scan all the tables by scrolling up and down, then focus on the table with more green letters than others.

    Besides, you can pay more attention to the secret words that you find more potential to realize than others. Using up all your guesses in the first tables will take your chance of winning away.

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