Semantle Introduction

Semantle proposes a newer and harder challenge for people too familiar with word puzzle games. You don’t rely on the number of letters and spellings but on the meaning of each word. As a result, your mind gets more exercise, and you also get to have more fun. That is why we want to introduce you to it through this article.

What’s Semantle?

Semantle is a new daily word puzzle game that allows you to guess words and get a score depending on how close your guess is to the actual answer. At first glance, it may look very similar to Wordle, but there are some big differences between them.

First of all, Semantle doesn’t focus on the number of letters but on the word’s meaning. As a result, you can’t just brute-force through the game with words with the same letters. You must think about the meaning of the word you chose to have a clue about the answer.

How To Play The Semantle Game?

Every day at midnight, the game will launch a new word with some clues about the position of the word (within 1000 nearest normal words) and the similarity of the nearest, the tenth-nearest, and the one-thousandth-nearest word.

Semantle requires that each guess you type in must be a word with meaning. Then, it will tell you how similar it is to the answer in a semantic way. As such, it has nothing to do with spelling and everything to do with meaning.

After your first try, you will know the similarity and how close it is to the answer. “Cold” means that your word is out of the 1000-word list. Click on “Hint” to get a word that is closer (with a high similarity rating) than your guess.

Your similarity rating ranges from 100, indicating that your guess is identical to the answer, to -100, indicating that you are as far as humanly possible from the answer. However, when it comes to the practical sense, the lowest you can go is -34.

Tips On Playing Semantle

The secret word vault only contains single words, but they can be from any part of a speech. Many people tend to think of only nouns, but that’s a trap for people too familiar with normal word-guessing games. Remember to put in a healthy number of adjectives and verbs.

Another tip is to remember that words in the word bank are all case-sensitive. That is why you should refrain from using any capital letter unless the guess you use is a proper noun.

When you start to get ranking within 1000, you are close to the answer. Only use synonyms from that point on.


We hope that after going through this article, you can now understand more about Semantle. It can offer you both a new way to have fun with a word puzzle game and train your mind at the same time. We believe that there is no drawback in playing Semantle, so what are you waiting for? Let’s jump in and have fun!

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