The Origin Of The Squardle Game

The development of the Squardle game is inspired by the worldwide phenomenon - Wordle.

In the Wordle game, your mission is to find a five-letter English word within six guesses. However, in the Squardle game, you must figure out six secret words concealed in the 5x5 grid. The more secret words you must solve, the more tries you get.

Specifically, the Squardle game allows players to guess 10 times for the first five words. If you can solve five words within 10 tries, you will get a bonus try for the last word of the game.

Squardle Game Playing Tutorial

Just type in your guess, and once you finish your word arrangement, press “Enter” to submit your answer. One word you guess will be filled in both the vertical and horizontal lines.

The small arrow indicates where the guessed word will appear after you submit your answer. And the positions for the guesses will alter randomly, so you can’t decide where the word will be listed.

The Hints Of The Squardle Game

Since the Squardle game is complicated, it must provide some hints.

  • Green: Congratulations when you find a green box! A green letter means that it is included in the secret word. All the square boxes turning green is a sign of victory.
  • Yellow: There are three forms of a yellow square box: the yellow box with one pair of arrows, the yellow box with two pairs of arrows, and the yellow box with three pairs of arrows.
  • The number of arrow pairs shows that the yellow letter will appear at least the same number of times in the row but in different squares from your guess.

    For example, the yellow letter in the box with two pairs of arrows will appear at least two times in the row. Besides, the yellow letter is not contained in the vertical line.

  • Red: You can comprehend the meaning of the red squares as those of the yellow squares. But, the rule will be applied for the column but not the row. Also, the red letter is not included in the horizontal line.
  • Orange: The letter in the orange square is included in both the vertical and horizontal lines, but you must put it in other squares.
  • The number of pairs of arrows pointing horizontally or vertically indicates the number of times the letter at least shows up in the column or row.

  • White: You have already put a white letter in a solved grid, and it is not included in the row or column you are filling your guess in.
  • Black: None of the solved grids contain the black letter.
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