What To Know About Squirdle?

There are many Wordle game variants out there with different themes. Squirdle is one of them. This game resembles the word-guessing gameplay from Wordle, but players must correctly spot a Pokemon name instead of finding out the right secret word. Sergio Morales Esquivel, also known as Fireblend, is the creator of Squirdle.

He named Squirdle with inspiration from Squirtle, a famous Gen-1 starter Pokemon. Sergio explained that Squirtle seems to gain more affection from Pokemon fans than other starter characters, so Squirdle would be an impressive name.

There are two primary game modes in Squirdle: Squirdle daily and Squirdle free play. The Squirdle daily mode challenges every player to find a single secret Pokemon name.

Besides, you have only eight guesses to complete the task. If you use up eight tries before finding the solution name, you must wait up to 24 hours for the next round. This gameplay is similar to Wordle.

When you switch to the Squirdle free play, you can enjoy the game with unlimited rounds. After using up eight guessing times, you can still replay the game until you achieve your desired score.

Moreover, the Squirdle game allows you to adjust the range of Pokemon gen from the first to the eighth gen. For this reason, players of different generations can still find playing this game pleasurable.

How To Play Squirdle Game?

Squirdle is available on any device that has an Internet connection. You must access this website to enjoy the game. The default setting on the website is the Free play mode. Yet, you can easily turn to the Daily mode by clicking “Try Squirdle daily”.

No matter your mode, you only have eight tries to figure out the secret Pokemon name. The first Pokemon name you type in is always a random guess to get the hints.

Don’t worry if you don’t remember the names in detail. Squirdle will list every Pokemon name related to the one you type, and you click on your choice. Then, click “Submit” to confirm your selection.

Now, the hints will appear via the colors of the Pokeballs. A green Pokeball means that you have made an exact selection. On the contrary, a red Pokeball indicates that your guess is wrong.

The Blue Pokeballs in the Generation, Height, and Weight column will come with the up and down arrows. If the arrow is up, you need to guess the next Pokemon in higher gen, height, and weight than the current choice. In contrast, the downward arrow guides you to carry out the opposite.

Tricks For Playing Squirdle

You can improve your performance in Squirdle via these helpful tricks:

  • Counting on help from websites that work like a Pokemon dictionary: Bulbapedia, Pokemon.com, wordlewordle.org
  • Always follow the clues from Squirdle. Only take the first guess randomly.
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