What Is The Squirdle Game?

Squirdle is a puzzle game with the ideas of two iconic products in its own section: the Pokemon series and the word-guessing game Wordle. The Wordle game requires players to guess a five-letter English word within 6 tries.

Squirdle players still have to exactly spot the hidden solution of the game, like the engine of the Wordle game. However, instead of finding an English word, you will have to figure out the name of a hidden Pokemon in this new version. The game will be a real test for you if you are an expert Pokemon fan. Try your best and see how quickly you can pick the right Pokemon name.

How To Play The Squirdle Game

The Squirdle game starts without any picture of the secret Pokemon, so you will make your first guess as a free guess to gain further hints in the game. Think of a potential or a random Pokemon name of your favorite and type in the guessing box of the game. You don't have to remember the whole name because the game will give you relevant choices with the typed letters.

You have 9 available guesses to find out which is the hidden Pokemon of the Squirtle game. After spotting the correct Pokemon or using up all the guesses, the game will end. The Squirtle game doesn't rush you to spot the correct answer with a countdown clock, so save your guesses for appropriate answers.

Meaning Of The Icons In The Squirtle Game

Once you submit your guess by pressing Enter, the system will give you clues about the hidden solution via the outlook of the Pokeballs:

  • The up arrow in the Pokeball indicates that the figures of the secret Pokemon will be higher than that of the guessed one.
  • On the other hand, the down arrows show that you should choose another guess with higher figures than the already guessed Pokemon.
  • If the figure is correct, the Pokeball will be colored green. Otherwise, it will turn red. In case of a wrongly placed type, the Pokeball changes to yellow.
  • Besides the Pokeballs, you can opt for the clues and information from the guessed Pokemon by clicking or tapping their names on the screen.

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