Before Sweardle, have you ever played guessing games such as Wordle, Lewdles, or Riddles? - We bet you did, and you already know how interesting this type of game is.

The guessing-word game becomes even funnier with Sweardle. You need to figure out a four-letter word within four tries, yet, what's special is that it is a swear word.

Tell us, do you swear frequently?

What Is The Sweardle Game?

Sweardle is inspired by the popular guessing game, which is Wordle. You make limited attempts to figure out short words.

The game is a joke parody, though.

All wording results are “sweary” or “lewd” but carefully selected to not sound homophobic, racist, or misogynistic. Thus, you can still get fun and even able to share cool guessing results on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

The game is a chance to enhance your potty mouth glossary. Just keep the fun out of the sight of your kids or young siblings (LOL!)

How to Play Sweardle?

You can play the game directly on its website here https://wordlewordle.org/sweardle/. It is free and accessible at any time.

Sweardle will reset their puzzle one every midnight, allowing players 24 hours to guess the word. When we read this article, there were already 245 puzzles so far.

No initial hints for the word, so you can only enter one by one character. Remember that each word has four letters, and you have four tries in total.

You must try not to f*ck it up!

Good news, every time you enter a letter, the game gives you a confirmation.

  • The right letter placed at the right ordering of the word is marked in green.
  • Meanwhile, the brick has a yellow color when the letter exists but is in the wrong place.
  • Supposing that the letter doesn’t present in the word, the square brick turns gray.
  • The most helpful hints are in the first two letters.

    You should enter between two and three vowels or commonly-used consonants such as L and T. Let’s try!

    Sweardle Tips: Hacking Vocabulary

    You want to guess the words yourself.

    Yet, you will also agree that some swear words get on our nerves and result in really challenging brain work. Sweardle refers to all expletives worldwide, and many words are hardly known.

    Imagine it is past midnight, and you still cannot solve the puzzle - how can you sleep?

    Interestingly, the reference resources of Sweardle are still limited, and the game randomly picks up a word to show at a time. It means there are repeated words once in a while.

    We help you to gather all common Sweardle words of the day here: Arse, Nuts, Baps, Smeg, Damn, Cunt, Hump, Sack, Snot, Feck, Puss, Bums, Bull, Lick, Piss, Rack, Boob, Dong, Turd, etc.

    Time to Play

    Let’s try today’s Sweardle, and update us here if you find any interesting sweary words!

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