About Swiftle

Swiftle is a fully entertaining Wordle-style game. With a musical theme, it provides a variety of songs performed by Tailor Swift. You'll listen to a short piece of music and then guess exactly that song's name. There are all 6 tries.

After each guess, you'll hear an extra part of the melody. It means that the answer will gradually be revealed. You can restart with a new song once you enter the correct or wrong response. You can even share your achievements on social media.

Guide on Playing Swiftle

You must access the Swiftle game's website to start your music journey. Then, you'll immediately see 6 squares corresponding to six guesses.

During the guessing process, you have 30 seconds to listen to the song's melody. Of course, this time is spent for six of your tries.

You will hear a few music notes at the first listen and then enter your answer. The melody playback time will be longer in the next guesses.

Don't limit the number of replays, so you can hear again and again to give the most accurate answer.

Whatever your final guess is, right or wrong, you'll receive the correct response from the game and then might restart later. This time, it will be a new song.

Helpful Tips for a Great Round

Enhance Your Music Knowledge

Collecting Taylor Swift's songs is our best recommendation for players to win the Swiftle round. It's best to learn and familiarize yourself with her songs, music videos, and albums to get comprehensive knowledge before playing this wordle game.

This method allows you to quickly solve the difficult melodies, which also helps you progress in the game effectively.

Play With Others

Although the game doesn't have multiplayer modes, you can invite your friends with similar musical interests to play together. When collaborating with other players, your winning speed will be faster than when you play alone.

This is a good way to strengthen your relationships and provide a more interesting gaming experience.

Swiftle is an entertainment game for music lovers in general and Taylor fans in particular. It ensures that players have relaxing minutes after studying and working. Let's start!

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