What Is The Swiftle Game?

Wordle is a world-famous puzzle game that challenges players to guess a valid 5-letter English word from the given alphabetical letters.

The word-guessing game has become a phenomenon in the game industry, and many Wordle variants have been developed to catch the trend. Swiftle is one of the interesting puzzle games inspired by Wordle.

Apart from guessing an English word like in Wordle, Swiftle players will listen to a few seconds of a random song performed by Taylor Swift and figure out which song is being played.

Therefore, you must be a huge fan of Taylor Swift to recognize all of her masterpieces within the very beginning melody of the song.

How To Play The Swiftle Game?

Playing Swifitle is straightforward, and you can easily get used to it after one try. Firstly, you must press the “Play” button to hear one second of the secret song. If you can promptly think of a potential guess, you will type the song’s name in the below row and press “Enter” to submit your guess.

Honestly, you don’t need to remember the entire song’s name because a list of relevant names will drop down when you type the first letter. Then, you can click the song’s name to choose it.

There are two cases happening after you submit a guess. If you pick the correct song’s name, you win the game. On the other hand, if the name you choose is not correct, one more second will be added to the duration of the play.

The Swiftle game provides you with 6 tries to figure out the correct answer, equivalent to the maximum of 6 seconds added to the song.

Instead of guessing the wrong song’s name to get an extended play, you can press the “Skip” button. However, each time you press the “Skip” button will be counted as a guess. Hence, you can extend the song no more than 6 times.

Playing Swiftle Unlimitedly

You can only play one round of the Swiftle game daily. Yet, you can still have more joy with the game by playing the previous rounds. You need to press the icon beside the question sign.

Next, choose the “Archive” mode. The “Archive” mode is filled with all of the Swiftle game rounds from the very first day of the game.

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