What’s TayHeardle?

Though inspired by the world-famous Wordle game, TayHeardle offers a different playstyle and utilizes a unique base of knowledge, Taylor Swift’s songs. If you are both a Heardle and Taylor Swift fan, you should check it out.

It is a big deviation from the usual word game developed by @reputaylore13. Instead of using words from all aspects of life, it focuses on one single thing: Taylor Swift’s songs. You don’t need to have a huge reserve of general knowledge, just an undying love of a Swiftie to excel in this game.

Due to its unique gameplay, you need to use more than your word base. To be more specific, you will rely mostly on your ears, as melodies can sometimes be a better trigger for memories.

How To Play The TayHeardle Game

As we mentioned, you rely mostly on your ears to guess the song’s title. You have a total of 6 tries to guess the answer. The first try allows you to listen to 1 second of the song. If you can’t do it on the first try or skip it, the second try will unlock an additional 1 second.

When you arrive at the third try, you get an additional 2 seconds. This rule applies to the fourth (+3 seconds), fifth (+4 seconds), and sixth (+5 seconds) try. In the end, you should have about 16 seconds (1+1+2+3+4+5) of the song to guess from.

Tips On Playing TayHeardle

The game relies completely on your ears and your familiarity with Taylor Swift’s discography. For this reason, we recommend listening to her old songs before playing, as many Swifties are not familiar with how she sings before the big change in her singing style.

Another good thing to remember is not to focus too much on the first or second try. They give you only 2 seconds of sound to work with. These are never enough to recall the song. That is why you can make some wild guesses with these tries, as they aren’t that consequential.


With this article, we hope that we have managed to clear the air on what TayHeardle is and how you can enjoy it. This game is challenging in a completely different way from the usual Heardle game. That is why many people, not just Swifties, should check it out.

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