Brief Information About The Tradle Game

As a result of its explosion, many puzzle games involving the players’ wide-range understanding are developed with inspiration from Wordle. And the Tradle game is such a prominent Wordle variant.

The name “Tradle” is a clever wordplay from “Trading” and the ending “dle” of Wordle. Therefore, this game implies its theme will be about the trading industry, not words like Wordle.

If you have played the Wordle game before, you can comprehend how fun and beneficial the puzzle game can be. And this Tradle game is not only relaxing for your free time, but it also helps you improve your vocabulary and knowledge regarding economics and trading.

It will give players a chart of figures about a random country's product-exporting situation. Your mission is to point out which country the chart represents within six guesses.

Achieving a victory in the Tradle game will be challenging if you don’t update the reports daily and have significant knowledge about the dominant exporting products of countries.

How To Play The Tradle Game?

Making your guess in the Tradle game is similar to playing the Wordle game. You can type your guess using a physical keyboard or tapping the virtual keyboard on the screen.

It doesn’t matter whether you can remember the entire country’s name. A list of potential names will drop down whenever you type the first letter of a guess. Besides, don’t forget to select “Submit” to check your answer.

The Hints Of The Tradle Game

Apart from the chart with detailed figures for various product exportations, this game also provides you with some clues after you submit a guess:

  • The kilometer will show you how far the solution nation is from your guessed nation.
  • The arrows indicate the direction from your guessed country to the correct country.
  • The percentage figure tells you how close you are to the precise answer.
  • What Can You Learn From The Tradle Game?

    By playing the Tradle game, you can equip yourself with the understanding of a country’s exportation, like:

  • The most crucial exporting product of the country.
  • You can learn the trade value of each product by sliding your computer mouse over the color representing it. Besides the large squares of prominent products, the small ones in different colors are also informative.
  • The hints also help you to enlarge your knowledge of geography.
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