Wordle introduced the brand-new Tridle for intermediate players to make the game more hilarious and challenging.

You will want to try it out!

What Is The Tridle Game?

As mentioned, Tridle is provided by Wordle Online - the author of the famous word-guessing game.

It adopts the familiar interface and playing rules of Wordle - Figure out a five-letter word in a Wordle grid.

There are 25 bricks in each grid; thus, the word can run across a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line. Hints are highlighted in green, orange, or black to infer how close your guesswork is.

The difference is that the Tridle game is three times as challenging as the traditional Wordles. You have to guess three Wordles at a time and within limited tries.

We suggest Tridle for intermediate players who have played many word-guessing games and want to level up their skills with advanced brain work.

How to Play Tridle?

In this section, we explain how to play Tridle in detail.

Neither fee nor complicated installation is required. You can go directly to Wordle Online's website here to play the game.

The provider will publish three new Wordle grids every 24 hours and at midnight.

Your exercise is to guess three consecutive 5-letter words in eight tries or less to win the game. Each word features its own Wordle grid.

  • First, you should fill up as many letters in the grid as possible and click "Enter" for the system to check them.
  • Then, Tridle will confirm your answers by changing the colors of the bricks. If the letters are parts of the word and in the right bricks, they turn green. Meanwhile, yellow letters are parts of the word but in the wrong bricks. Black bricks are all wrong.
  • Next, correct the yellow and black grids until you figure out all three secret words. Remember that you only have eight chances at max.
  • Finally, capture your "win" record and share it with others on social media.
  • How fun and cool the Tridle game will be!

    Tridle: How to Win The Game?

    You might only spend three minutes a day playing the game. However, some tricky puzzles take even three hours to solve.

    If you still cannot figure out the words after these periods, you will want to follow our helpful tips that can be applied to Tridle or any challenging guessing games.

    Use Vowels In Your First Guess

    The first try often provides valuable hints. We suggest using vowels as many 5-letter words have two to four vowels, for example, ADIEU, AULOI, LOUIE, AUDIO, OUIJA.

    Or, Fill In Five Distinct Letters

    Another approach to a guessing game is to use five different levels, particularly the common A, E, O, I, S, T, and U.

    Keep Track Of Three Grids At A Time

    Many players tend to focus on one grid before guessing the next. However, it is a huge bonus to keep an eye on all three grids and see how your guesses impact each other.

    Refer To All Previous Tridle Solutions

    All guessing games have a limited glossary. Thus, there are chances that the words are repeated when you play many rounds and take notes of previous words.

    Want to Try Tridle Now?

    With all the tips in mind, we bet you cannot wait to check out today's Tridle puzzles and solve them. Open Tridle and wait no further!

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