Ever read Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll?

You may remember a game in the book called “word-links.” It’s a kind of word-based puzzle that requires players to work their brains to suss out the answer.

Weaver takes inspiration from that exact game! And in this article, we’ll show you exactly how to play it.

What Is the Weaver Game?

The Weaver game is basically a variation of the popular Wordle game. In this game, you have to “weave” your way from the first word to the last one. Each word you enter must differ only by one letter from the previous word.

Imagine it like a ladder step. You must take one rung at a time in order to reach the end!

How to Play Weaver?

If you’re hooked on the concept, here’s the more detailed version of the game rules.

The Basic Rules

The basic rules have already been explained to you earlier. You have to weave your way from the starter word to the final word and only change one letter each time.

In addition, the game only accepts words in the English dictionary (so no French words, for example.) Like Wordle, when you make a guess, any letter in the right place will turn green. You can use that as feedback to improve your answers in the next few turns.

The Today’s Puzzle

Every day, the developers release a “today’s puzzle.” It’s a unique puzzle that will disappear in 24 hours and be replaced with another one. Speed is the key here. So, make sure to log in and solve new puzzles when they appear.

You won’t have a second chance if you miss the 24-hour deadline!

Tips and Tricks

Despite the Weaver game being fairly straightforward, there are a few tips and tricks that you can use to be a better player.

Take Your Time and Think Ahead

There’s no time limit. So, take it slow.

From the starting word and the first couple of guesses, consider every possibility based on the feedback given to you by the colored boxes. There’s no rush, and you don’t have to answer immediately. A good answer is better than a fast answer in this case!

Don’t Fret Too Much on the First Word

Your first guess doesn’t necessarily have to give you the right word or even the right letter immediately. Think of it as an opening for you to tackle the puzzle.

Skip Puzzles When Needed

If the current puzzle is too difficult for you, don’t stress. It’s a game whose aim is to help you relax and be entertaining. So, skip if you’re stuck on any level and move on to another.

You don’t lose anything if you skip one of the levels. There are hundreds more waiting for you to solve!


The Weaver game is a great way to de-stress after a long day. It gives your brain something to work on, and the euphoria after finishing a puzzle is unbeatable!

You can play the game for free at the website: https://wordlewordle.org/weaver

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