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There is frequently a moment where even game masters struggle, regardless of how skilled they are at word puzzle solving. In such situations, it can be good to have a trick up your bag that will either add the missing term to your mental word list or show you new texts you didn't know you needed to know.

This is where Word Finder comes in. It is an ideal assistant designed to support puzzle enthusiasts on educational and entertaining trips. Now let's get into it!

What is Word Finder?

WordFinder is a tool created by word game enthusiasts. It is one of the most user-friendly and intuitive word tools available. Using this tool, you can develop your language abilities, spell texts correctly, and create new words out of random letters.

This program will tell you all outputs you can create and the number of points each is worth when you input your characters in the search field. Wordle, Scrabble, Wordscapes, Words with Friends, and many other word games are easier to win when using the word solver.

Instead of seeing it as a cheat, consider it more of a source of information that you and your buddies can employ to resolve disagreements on the accuracy of any specific term.

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How Word Finder Works

After you enter your letters into the search box at the beginning, middle, or ending of a word, the tool will logically present your top scoring choice using the given letters by scanning the official Scrabble and playable Words with Friends dictionaries.

When finished, you will see each word is shown by length and the highest-scoring response on the screen. You can view the definition of any term by clicking on it.

How To Use The Tool

After deciding on the game, you'll play with the players, set up your board, then check the internet to ensure this word generator is easily accessible. Or, you can install the application on your phone, tablet, and PC desktop to always be prepared for your next match.

When using the tool, you can follow these simple instructions.

Fill Up The Search Box With Your Letters

Put the string of letters you find in the search bar. The tool only allows two wild cards and up to 15 letters. Once you've selected search, sit tight for the word generator to create words using these letters. You can use the advanced search features to find a word that is a certain length or matches a specific pattern.

Select a Term From The Collection

For example, if you face the challenging term "RETTTOUSINCED." Naturally, you may think about "cousin". However, this tool proposes a much better word from the game dictionary - "reconstituted," which has a few extra letters and will enable you to eliminate more unplayed letters and raise your score.


Whatever your motivation, whether it be for amusement, linguistic development, or honing your abilities in your preferred board game, Word Finder is incredibly beneficial!

Hopefully, now you can improve your vocabulary, defeat your competitors, and take home the prize in the upcoming word game.

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