Word Guess


Word Guess is no stranger to most of us, as we must have played it or heard about it at least once in our lifetime. This game can bring a lot of fun while playing; besides, its main purpose is to help players improve their vocabulary.

Still, not everyone knows much about this game and how to play it properly to increase their win rate. If it is also the issue you are facing, going through this article can help you. Let’s go!

What Is Word Guess?

Word Guess is a game where you must figure out the hidden word after six tries. The word can be four, five, or six, depending on your choice. After a player makes a guess, the color of the square will change.

If the square turns gray, it means this letter is not a part of the word. By contrast, if the square is colored green, this letter is in the word and the correct position. Meanwhile, the yellow color indicates the right letter but in the incorrect location.

How To Play Word Guess

First, you need to click the “Play” button and then choose the number of letters in the word. There are three options: four, five, or six letters. Then, you will have to type on the keyboard or use the mouse to click on the virtual keyboard on the screen.

When finishing typing your word, submit your guess. The more you guess, the lower the score you can earn. If you can figure out the word and want to drop the game, you can click on the “Give Up” button on the side to start a new game.

Word Guess’s Tips And Tricks

Take Advantage Of Vowels

The number one tip of the most veteran Wordle player is always to start their guessing with a word containing a lot of wolves, such as “auloi”, “audio”, or “adieu”.

They do that because there are only five vowels in English, and they can narrow down the answer by knowing which vowels are correct.

Pen And Paper

That might sound old-fashioned, but it’s a really useful tip. After one or two attempts, you have hints about the letters and their position in the word. Thus, you should write them down on paper and arrange the letter to make the right word before making another guess.

Be Aware Of Duplicate Letters

If you see the green in the tile, do not put this letter out of your next guess because it can appear in another location in this word. For example, you would never come up with the answer “ball” when you don’t think the letter “l” might appear two times.

Thus, always be prepared for duplicate letters.


That’s everything about the Word Guess game you should know before playing it. Technically, you can start the game immediately and apply the trial-and-error strategy. However, this strategy might be time-consuming and make you feel uncomfortable.

We suggest you apply the tips and tricks aforementioned to have a great experience with this game. Thank you, and have fun playing.

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