Word Hurdle

About Word Hurdle

There are many ways to expand one’s English vocabulary, but the most interesting and effective way may be to learn new words in word games. Among hundreds of titles on the Internet, Word Hurdle stands out with a significant impression on puzzle game lovers thanks to the simple gameplay and exciting puzzles.

When first looking at the game, some players may mistake the game with the famous Wordle Today. This is understandable because these two share many things in common, like the guessing engine, the methods of delivering hints, and the number of allowed guesses.

However, Word Hurdle will be a more challenging game because its word puzzle is a 6-letter English word compared to a 5-letter word in Wordle.

How To Play The Word Hurdle Game?

Word Hurdle and Wordle share the same gameplay. Players will make their guesses by filling the blank grid in the game with valid English words. The game challenges you with a 6-letter English word, and you must find the secret word within 6 tries.

The submitted word in the grid must be correctly spelled in English; otherwise, the system won't count it as a guess. After making your word guess, press Enter to submit your potential word and get the feedback, aka the hints, from the game.

You will receive two challenges every day, so you can learn more words in this variant than with Wordle.

Hints In The Word Hurdle Game

The Word Hurdle game also provides players with colored hints, like the Wordle game does. Letters in the guessed word will be colored after you submit your guess.

  • The gray color represents letters not contained in the secret word.
  • The yellow color shows letters included in the secret word, but you must alter their positions in the subsequent guesses. The yellow letters' positions differ from those in the solution word.
  • The blue color tells players when they achieve a perfect guess. You win the game when getting a blue 6-letter word.
  • How To Improve Your Performance In The Word Hurdle Game?

  • You shouldn't guess a word containing similar letters. The more different letters in your guessed word, the more hints you can get from the system.
  • Avoid reusing the gray letters. Don't waste your allowed guesses with the gray letters.
  • A lucky word, which you will always use as your first guess, will save up much of your time thinking about where to start the game.
  • Don't rush to finish the game. You have up to 12 hours to solve a Word Hurdle game puzzle, so try developing a strategy and think twice before submitting any guess.
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