What Is The Word500 Game?

There are hundreds of Wordle game variants on the Internet, but a few of them can gain attraction from players. And the Word500 game is such a game. The mission in the Word500 game is also finding a secret five-letter English word like the Wordle game.

However, the point that makes the game different from its original version is how the hints work. Moreover, the Word500 game gives players eight guesses, two more than the original Wordle. Of course, these are not all the notable modifications to the Word500 game.

How To Play The Word500 Game?

In the Word500 game, apart from the ordinary letters, it will let players use a special symbol, the underscore, during their guess. Players can place the underscore in any position to analyze which letter suits the spot.

For instance, if you think of a word containing the letters “C,A,Y”, you can type CA__Y to visualize which letters can fit in the blank space. By doing this, players don’t have to keep paper and pencils beside them when playing the word-guessing game to generate ideas.

Hints Of The Word500 Game

The Word500 game gives you clues via the familiar colors red, yellow, and green. And the colors serve the same purpose as they do in other Wordle-like guessing games:

The green color indicates the letter in the solution word and is put in the correct place. The yellow color is a sign of the letter contained in the word, but you have misplaced it. The red color is for a letter not related to the word.

However, the Word500 game won’t tell you the precise color of the letter in your guess; it only displays the number of colored letters in the word. For example, the green square has the number “2”, so there are two green letters in your potential word, but you must figure out which letters are green yourself.

Since the hints are quite challenging to understand, this game allows players to change the color of the letters in their guesses. Thanks to the modification, you can make your deduction more efficient. In case you are desperate for the game, press the “Hint” button to let the game play itself for you.

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