If you are bored and looking for something to occupy your brain, a good round of Wordscapes will do the trick! This word-based puzzle game is known for being addictively challenging while exercising your brain and keeping it alert.

This guide can be your gateway to the game! Scroll down!

What Is the Wordscapes Game?

Wordscapes was first released in 2017, but it remains popular today and has accrued over 14 million players. It is a free-to-play, word-based puzzle game that is a cross between Boggle and crosswords.

If you enjoy these games, you will grow to love Wordscapes. But if you don’t … Well, it’s as good a time as any to start!

How to Play Wordscapes

Once you enter the game, there will be a tutorial that teaches you how to play. If you want the brief before downloading, here are the basics.

The Basics

Part of the reason why Wordscapes is so popular is that it is a very simplistic game. Anyone can master the fundamentals in a couple of minutes.

Wordscapes is a crossword puzzle without clues, pretty similar to the Wordle game on the New York Times! When you start a round, you will see several vertical and horizontal intersecting lines. Underneath will be a wheel with six letters.

The objective is to unscramble the letters in the wheel and connect them by swiping them to form a complete word. If the word you made up with the wheel is part of the puzzle, the word will appear in the blank lines at the top.

Suppose the word you formed is not part of the puzzle, yet a valid word (a word that makes sense), it’s considered a “bonus word.” For every bonus word you found, you will be given Wordscape Coins. You can use these Coins to buy power-ups.

Power-ups give you an advantage in the game. For example, the “Bullseye” power-up will reveal a letter in any line of your choosing.

The Daily Puzzle

Every day, there will be a unique puzzle called the “Daily Puzzle.” It appears once every 24 hours and refreshes when the day is over. If you solve them, you will be given extra rewards you can spend in-game.

How Many Levels Are There?

Wordscapes is an extremely rich game. There are 6,000 levels and an infinite number of master levels once you have completed the first 6,000.

Tips and Tricks

Here are a couple of tips that you can use to become a better Wordscapes player!

Find the Extra Word

Bonus words aren’t going to complete the puzzle, but they will earn you Coins. Coins are helpful for buying power-ups, giving you a decisive advantage in more difficult rounds later.

Be Wordy

In each puzzle, there’s usually a word that uses up all six letters in the wheel. It’s the one that yields the most points, so focus on solving it above all.

Pluralize Each Word

If the letter S appears in the wheel, pluralize every word in your head. Some words in the puzzle could be in their plural form!

Keep On Shuffling

If you’re stuck on a puzzle, shuffle the wheel until you find a pattern you can work with. Don’t be shy! Keep on pressing the button until a good pattern pops up.


Wordscapes is a fun way to pass the time. Not just entertaining, it’ll also engage your brain and improve your mental health.

Have fun!

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