A Quick Outlook At The Xordle Game

The word-guessing game Wordle has been a big inspiration for many game developers in the world to create interesting guessing games. And the Xordle game stands out as one of the most exciting and challenging variants.

Instead of solving only one puzzle word in the Wordle game, the Xordle game players must complete two secret words simultaneously. Since there are more secret words in Xordle, players will have extra guesses compared to the Wordle game’s allowed guesses.

How To Play The Xordle Game?

Playing this game is nothing different from playing the Wordle game. You can make your guess by typing the potential words and pressing “Enter” to submit your guess.

The Xordle game offers players eight tries to find two secret words. Of course, like many other Wordle game variants, this title also provides you with hints to avoid you being desperate to spot the solution.

What To Know About The Xordle Game Hints?

You must remember when playing the Xordle game that the two words won’t consist of the same letters. Therefore, it will be less confusing for players to determine which word the hints are for.

In the Xordle game, you can still notice the familiar colors: green, yellow, and gray, like the clues in the Wordle game. And they still serve the same functions:

The green color is an indication of a perfect choice. Green letters appear in the secret words and stay in the correct position. The yellow color represents a nearly precise guess. Yellow letters are in the solution words, but you must alter their positions in the next guesses. The gray color, as always, shows that the letter is unrelated to any of the two secret words.

The unique point about the hints of the Xordle game is that they will differ according to the game mode you opt for.

In the Daily mode, the game will give you a word in advance mentioning the theme of the daily game. For instance, the provided word is “Movie,” so the secret words will be related to actors, film series, movie names, etc.

On the contrary, in the Unlimited mode, you will have no clues given in advance. The Unlimited Xordle game is literally Wordle but solving two words at once.

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