About The Xordle Game

Among the word-guessing games on the Internet, the wordle game has quickly achieved never-before-seen glory with millions of players. The secret formula for this incredible success lies in the simple gameplay and user-friendly design.

Going on the same route as the Wordle game is the Xordle game, which is also a word-guessing game. However, you can notice from the wordplay of the game's name that the "X" represents "Cross," or the game is literally a Cross Wordle game.

You will find challenges in this version that are more hardcore than in the casual Wordle game. It's not only because of the increased number of hidden words that must be solved but also because the game tries to overwhelm you with crossing hints for the words.

How To Play The Xordle Game?

The Xordle game comes with a layout of a blank grid of 5 columns and 8 rows. The number of rows displays the number of guesses you have to figure out two secret words in the game, while the number of columns indicates the number of letters that must be contained in words.

Particularly, the game will give you a word in advance with letters in the word colored in yellow or green. This is the first clue of the game. Commonly, the topic of hidden words in the game will be related to the given word.

To make your guess, just type a valid English word in the grid and press Enter to submit your guess. Save your guess because 8 guesses will be applied for two words, but not one by one.

What Does The Colors In The Xordle Game Mean?

The green color will be used for letters included in one of the hidden words, and the letters will be in the correct position. You win the game when having two green words. Gray is also used for letters not part of the two hidden words. Lastly, the yellow letters are included in the secret words but are misplaced in the word order.

The unique feature of the colored hints in the Xordle game, which differentiates it from the Wordle game, is that players can't determine which color is for which word. In detail, if you see a yellow color, you only know that the letter will appear in one of the words, but you can completely tell which word contains the letter.

For this reason, besides the excellent word source, the Xordle game will require its players to acquire decent strategic thinking skills.

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