If you are a big fan of problem-solving games with thrilling feelings when making the guessing, an excellent game like Dordle will not disappoint you.

The following blog will provide detailed information to help you learn the best way to become a skillful player in the Dordle game. Let’s get started!

What Is Dordle?

Dordle is an exciting online game for you to test your brain skills during your free time. It is considered an alternative to Wordle Game, allowing you to have a new experience with the familiar game format.

Unlike the rule of Wordle, you need to guess two words in seven attempts to become the winner. It is an updated version of Wordle, requiring you to rack your brain to solve the puzzle.

Having limited moves in a limited time will make the game more exciting. You will feel the rush to think as fast as possible to avoid running out of chances.

How To Play Dordle?

The rule of Dordle doesn’t differ much from that of Wordle. However, it is understandable to feel overwhelmed when you first approach Dordle. The combination of two-grid puzzles increases the game’s difficulty level compared to the single grid of Wordle.

It would be best to have a strategic plan to deal with a Dordle round successfully. The starting word plays an important role in structuring the whole game strategy. Picking the vowel for your first word is highly recommended to have a smooth start and narrow down the result.

You will need to focus on both words when playing Dordle, which requires you to notice the letters’ color carefully. While the green color will let you know that you are guessing the right word, yellow tiles imply that the letters are in the wrong position.

Helpful Tips For An Effective Dordle Game

Answer The Word Immediately If You Know It

With only seven attempts at guessing two words, learning how to save moves is essential. If you can guess one of two words, fill in the blank immediately. You don’t want to experience having one last chance with both words unanswered.

Get Yourself A Helpful Search Engine

Several websites are available for you to rely on when you cannot develop new words. Whether the given letter is at the beginning or the end of a word, you will find many possible words that will match the puzzle.


After reading this blog, I hope you are ready to overcome any challenge of the Dordle game. It is advisable to be patient and try your best to solve the words.

Playing this game is a good chance for you to test your language ability and fast reaction. Once you start playing Dordle, it will be hard to resist the attractiveness of this game.

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