About The Flaggle Game

It has been quite difficult for a geography expert to find a puzzle game related to their field. But the release of the Flaggle game has changed the situation. This puzzle game is based on the guessing engine of a world-famous game named Wordle. It is an exciting game for people who want to learn more about the flags of different nations around the world.

Having a guessing engine like the Wordle game, Flaggle also challenges players to correctly guess the hidden answer of the game. Yet, while the Wordle game requires the precise catch of the hidden English word, this version challenges players to spot the correct hidden nation flag.

How To Play The Flaggle Game

When starting the Flaggle game, all you have is just a blank layout with a guessing box to fill your guess in. You don't have any clue about the secret flag at the beginning of the game, making the guessing more interesting and mysterious.

To make your guess, you can type the possible name of a country in the guessing box or just choose from the dropping-down list when clicking the box. To confirm your choice, click the Guess button below the guessing box.

In the Flaggle game, there's no limit to the number of available guesses. So, your performance in the game will be judged by the number of guesses you take to come up with the correct answer. It's approved to try all the country names in the world, but the game will be less fun than it should be.

Does The Flaggle Game Give Hints?

Of course, any puzzle game will offer players hints, and the Flaggle game is not the opposite. The hints in the game only appear after you submit your guess.

The green color is the only hint in the Flaggle game. After the game receives your guess, it will give you another version of the guessed flag with an altered color. The section of color on the guessed flag not related to the solution flag will turn into the black color. Meanwhile, the section contained in the correct flag will be colored green.

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