Flaggle Introduction

Flaggle can satiate your need if you find Word guessing games such as Word Guess or Wordle dull and monotonous as they are just word guessing games. Let’s go through this article to know more about this game!

What Is Flaggle?

Flaggle was built by Duc Vu in 2022 and was inspired by Wordle. The primary objective of this game is to identify the name of the territory or country being hidden with as least a guess as possible. There is no limitation for your trial, so do not hesitate to make a mistake.

On top of the website is a search box where you type the country’s name and choose its flag.

When making any guessing attempt, the real flag of the country or territory you guess will appear on the left; meanwhile, on the right is the flag which indicates the similarity between the hidden flag and your guess. The green part will tell you that it is the correct color of the hidden flag.

If your guess matches the hidden flag, you will win the game. To make the game easier for the player, there are only ten colors in the palette.

How To Play

First, choose any flag that you like or any country that pops up in your mind and then insert the name in the search bar, click the “Guess” button, and get the flag displayed on the screen.

The real flag with full color will appear on the left side, while on the right is the location of the flag, which indicates the similarity between your guess and the hidden flag.

There is no limitation on how many guesses you can make, so just make as many as you can. If you do your best but can not find the answer, the “Give Up” button on the right is for you.

Flaggle’s Tips And Tricks

Like other puzzling games requiring you to think and guess, the Flaggle game has some tricks that can increase the chance of winning. Below are some tips we have accumulated for your convenience.

Do Not Miss Flaggle Daily

Flaggle has a Daily mode in which you must guess one flag daily. When guessing, you should examine the flag on the right, which shows the differences and similarities between your guess and the answer.

By learning that, you can find out the tactic for yourself when playing.

Practice Flaggle Free Mode

After knowing the playing tactic, spending more time on the free mode of Flaggle might be useful. It would be best to play this mode several times to sharpen your tactic and get used to the game. After that, you can win the Daily Mode with fewer guessing attempts.


That’s all you need to understand about Flaggle before you start playing. You may begin the game right away and use a testing technique.

However, this technique may be tedious and painful because guessing the flag is much harder than guessing the word.

We recommend you use the tricks we mentioned above to have a fantastic time playing this game. Thank you for your reading, and enjoy playing Flaggle.

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