A Quick Introduction To Letterle

Ed Jefferson is the creator of Letterle, and he lets people play the game for free on his website. Letterle is compatible with every Javascript device.

The game offers players 26 chances of guessing, which is far more generous than other Wordle games. And, you must consider using these guesses so appropriately to spot the secret letter with as few tries as possible.

For this reason, the only decisive factor contributing to your victory is your luck. There’s almost no way that you can learn tricks or improve your skill in Letterle.

If Wordle players must wait up to 24 hours for a new play round, Letterle players can enjoy the game with endless rounds. The score for each game will fluctuate depending on your luck. Don’t worry. You can still have the desired score and post it on your social network platform by replaying repeatedly.

Believe it or not, social networks are a considerable contribution to the reputation of Letterle. Players post their results on social networks and argue about how lucky or unlucky they are, resulting in huge attention to this exciting game.

How To Play Letterle Game?

Letterle is not a game of skill and talent, so it’s really simple to play. Yet, you can’t affirm that you are good at this game because you can’t be sure how lucky you are.

If you are using a touch-screen device to play Letterle, you can guess by tapping on the digital keyboard of the website. On the other hand, if you are using a device with a physical keyboard, you can type on your keyboard to guess.

Once you choose a letter, there will be two cases:

  • When the chosen letter turns gray, you have picked the wrong one.
  • If you get a green letter, congratulations, you have won the game.
  • Since Letterle doesn’t restrict the guessing times, you can choose all 26 letters until you get the green one. Honestly, you always win this game, but the point is at which guess. You can become the winner either by picking the first letter or trying all of the 26 letters.

    Some Tricks For Letterle Players


    You can’t improve your performance in Letterle by practicing multiple games since luck is the only element that matters. However, we would like to share some tricks that at least can maintain your score at an acceptable level.

  • Letterle won’t let a letter become the winning choice for two consecutive rounds. As a result, you can avoid redundant guesses.
  • You can start guessing by following the alphabetical or reverse order.
  • Don’t go for a long range of consonants or vowels. You should switch between these letters.
  • How To Make Letterle More Fun

    You can develop a new rule when playing Letterle with your friends. For instance, each person will pick a letter one by one. The player who gets the green letter can think of a fine for the other. Or else, the person picking the green letter must obey an order from the other.

    The fine or the order is up to your imagination and the approval between you and your friend.

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