What Is Mathler?

Wordle game has brought a new wave of puzzle game enthusiasts worldwide. Therefore, game designers have been creating many interesting Worlde variants to satisfy the different tastes of gamers. Daniel Tait, an Indie hacker, released Mathler for players who both enjoy Wordle and love Math.

The Mathler game only offers players one round daily, so you must wait until the next day for a new challenge. If the secret answer in Wordle is a word, it’s a calculation in Mathler.

At first, you will get the answer of a random calculation. Then, your mission is to arrange the numbers and digits to form a calculation that leads to that answer. Like Wordle, you also have six guesses to complete the task and six boxes at each row to fill in the units.

Mathler is more difficult than it may sound because you can form multiple calculations from 10 numbers and 4 digits to result in a fixed answer.

Let’s take an example. If the advanced answer is 30, you can come up with combinations like 5*4+10, 2*9+12, 40-2-8, and so on. As you can see, the toughest part of Mathler is to pick the precise calculation while every number and digit must stay in the right boxes.

How To Play The Mathler Game?

You can play Mathler on any device platform as long as it has an Internet connection. There are six rows with six boxes in each one for you to fill in the numbers and digits.

You can use your computer mouse or directly tap the screen to put the figures in the blank boxes. Then, press Enter on your keyboard or click “Enter” on the screen to submit your recently created calculation.

The hints will show up with the three colors you may find slightly familiar with those in Wordle. If the filled box is gray, you have picked the wrong number or digit.

If the filled box is orange, it indicates that you have picked the exact number or digit but placed it in the wrong position. Once the filled box turns green, it shows that you have set the digit or number in the right position. You win the game when the whole row goes green.

Your number and digit arrangements must follow the order of operations. Besides, Mathler also accepts the flexible order of the correct number and digits, for example, 23+2+8 or 2+23+8

A Strategy For Playing Mathler

Almost every Wordle-like game will require your logical thinking, focus, and a bit of luck. Mathler is not the opposite.

The common strategy for winning a Mathler game is to think backward. You should come up with as many calculations from the advanced key as possible. Next, you have to waste the first guess to get the hints.

Typically, if the answer is a number greater than 20, you should consider using multiplication in your calculation. This is because Mathler rarely opts for a solution that includes two-unit numbers. On the contrary, when the advanced key is a number less than 10, you should try to create a calculation having subtraction or division.

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