Waffle is a popular online game for people of any age to test their skills in solving puzzles. The familiar concept of guessing the right word combined with the unique style in limited moves is a wonderful idea to capture your attention.

The following article with thorough instruction will help you learn effective ways to become the best player of the Waffle game. Let’s get started!

What Is Waffle?

Waffle is a creative word game requiring you to rack your brain to solve the puzzle. Its name takes after the waffle in appearance, with an interesting grid style.

Unlike Wordle, where you have six chances to guess a single word, you need to solve six words in the Waffle round in 15 moves or fewer. Your job is to rearrange the given letters into the correct order to form a meaningful word.

How To Play Waffle?

The rule is easy to understand, giving you no difficulty learning to play and master this online game. There are a total of six hidden words, and each one has five-character in length.

You will get 15 swaps as the maximum to move the letters in gray and yellow to the right position as the green one. Feel free to drag letters anywhere on the board, as long as you get the right word!

Whenever you guess the right word, the letters will change color for you to know they are in the right position. The green color indicates that the letters are in the right place.

Meanwhile, the yellow tiles hint that letters are part of the correct word, but they are supposed to be in different positions. You need to swap carefully to put letters in the right place. If you notice the white color, it means that the letter doesn’t belong to the word, and you have to replace it.

Helpful Tips For An Effective Waffle Round

Be Careful

Pay attention to the location of vowels and the order in which they appear, as from the beginning or at the end of the word. If you can put those important letters in the right order, there’s nothing much to say in this game.

Be Patient

It’s sad to say that you only get one chance to play Waffle in a day. The game will automatically reset after 24 hours once you have done the round.

That’s why it is advisable to be patient and wait for another chance the day after. It’s no use rushing since the desire to play the game continuously is the selling point of this game.

Be Smart

It would be best to search for words from websites like Google if you want to solve the grid with fewer moves. The helpful assistance of the search engine will make it easier for you to finish the game successfully.


After reading this article, we hope you are confident in becoming a pro player of Waffle. This game requires you to focus on the goal and use all your skills to guess the right word.

Playing this game is a good way to practice your fast reaction and knowledge of different fields. Once you play Waffle, it will be hard to resist the attractiveness of this game.

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