Wordle AT

What Is Wordle AT?

Basically, the Wordle AT game is Wordle itself, but it is a variant of the original Wordle. Wordle is a famous word puzzle game for every English speaker and learner globally. Since its release, Wordle has gained millions of players and has had a steady place in the top rank of puzzle games.

For this reason, many game developers come up with the idea of remaking Wordle in different and more complex gameplay, for instance: Worlde music, Wordle geography, and Wordle flag, etc. On the other hand, some game makers decide to create a simple Wordle variant. And here we have Wordle AT.

Unlike the original English Wordle, the Wordle AT game is a word-guessing game having a German word source. Therefore, you must guess a five-letter German word to win the game.

Where Can You Play Wordle AT?

Wordle AT is an online puzzle game, so just enjoy the game on an Internet-connected device. You can search for the game on a browser and choose the website listed in the first position. Wordle AT hasn’t been published as a smartphone app for players without a stable Internet connection.

How To Play The Wordle AT Game?

Playing Wordle AT is straightforward. If you have played Wordle before, you can skip this section. On the contrary, you can spend a few seconds learning how to join a Wordle AT game and finish it.

You can form a German word in Wordle AT using the virtual keyboard in the game theme. Players using touch-screen devices will opt for this playing method. Or else, if you play Wordle AT with your laptop or computer, you can use the physical keyboard to arrange a possible guess.

You must be sure that the German word you submit is a valid word in the German dictionary, or else the Wordle AT game won’t accept your choice.

After submitting the word, the system will provide you with some hints to figure out the word faster:

  • If the letter in the word you submit goes gray, it indicates that the letter is not the solution word.
  • If the letter is yellow, it means it is included in the solution word, but you need to switch its position in the next guess.
  • The green color signals a perfect choice. You win the game when all the letters go green.
  • How Can You Improve Your Score In Wordle AT?

    Your score will improve along with your expanded source of German vocabulary. Hence the most stable and effective method for you to boost your performance in Wordle AT is to learn more new German words.

    If you don’t have time for learning, you can still get a higher Wordle AT score by following a trick. Be aware that we don’t recommend you rely on this method several times.

    Firstly, go to the browser and type “list of five-letter German words”. Then, thousands of results will drop down for you to choose from. You can narrow the possible answer with a green letter and the word list.

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