Brief Information About The Citydle Game

A puzzle-game fan must have once heard of the famous word-guessing game Wordle. The Wordle game challenges players to spot the exact hidden five-letter English word by arranging the given alphabetical letters. And the Citydle game is an alternative to the Wordle game when you want to enjoy a more fun and cool game without focusing on the words.

As the name suggests, Citydle is a geography-based game. Although the two games’ mechanism is guess-to-win, the guessing targets are different. The Citydle game players must finish figuring out the name of a hidden city with the help of some hints.

How To Play The Citydle Game?

You can play the Citydle game by typing a city’s name via the virtual keyboard on the screen or the computer's physical keyboard. Once you finish the arrangement, press Enter to submit your guess. Since there hasn’t been any clue at first, you will have to pick a random city’s name to get the hints.

You are allowed to opt for six tries to spot the exact city. After six guesses, if you haven’t got the correct answer, you will lose the game. On the contrary, you will win when figuring out the precise city before the guesses run out.

The Citydle doesn’t require players to remember the whole city’s name because some cities have quite odd names. You just have to think of some relevant letters in the names and type them, and a list will drop down with potential choices for you to click.

What Are The Hints In The Citydle Game?

The Citydle game's clues show up in figures, directional arrows, and colors. Four color hints are:

  • The gray color indicates the city you typed in has nothing related to the correct answer.
  • The orange is a sign of the guessed city on the same continent as the solution city. Yet, the country of the city must be a different one.
  • The yellow shows that you nearly reach the precise location. The continent and the country are the same as the secret cities.
  • The green answer is a congratulation to you. You have picked the correct city and won the game.
  • Besides the color hints, the Citydle offers geographical clues:

  • The miles display how far your guessed city is far from the target. The lower the miles, the closer you reach the solution city.
  • The arrow shows the direction from the guessed city toward the hidden city.
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