Wordle has become a hit recently thanks to the friendly and easy-to-use interface and gameplay, as well as the fun it can bring when playing.

However, the lexicon of this game is too wide, which would cause some struggles for many players. For that reason, many variants have been created to satisfy different types of gamers, and Phoodle is one of them.

If you want to know what Phoodle is and how to play it, do not miss this article!

What Is a Phoodle?

Phoodle is technically identical to Wordle or other word-guessing games in which you have to find the hidden word by guessing with the other words. The only difference is the lexicon. Instead of covering all the topics, Phoodle’s just focuses on food and dishes.

Therefore, it would be ideal for you if you are:

  • A gourmet.
  • Chef.
  • Staff working in a restaurant or hotel.
  • Anyone who wants to enrich their food-related vocabulary.
  • How To Play Phoodle Game

    The gameplay is the same as Wordle too. You have six tries and type a random food word to figure out the hidden five-letter word.

    If the letter in your word is in the hidden word and at the correct position, the square containing this letter will turn green. Gray and yellow background hints that the letter is not in the hidden word and the letter present in the word but in the wrong position, respectively.

    The “give up” button is always located on the top of the interface, so you can click on it if you want to know the answer immediately.

    Phoodle’s Tips And Tricks

    Be Loyal To One Word For Your First Attempt

    You should pick a word that contains many wolves to start in every game. As the number of vowels is limited, you can increase your chance of giving the right answer after two or three tries.

    Some words you might consider using for this strategy are “juice” or “anise”.

    Know Some Italian And French

    The large majority of Phoodler’s answers consist of extremely basic English words. However, some names of the food are in Italian and French such as “pizza”, “frito”, or “boeuf”.

    Therefore, if you have some knowledge of Italian and French words, it gives you a leg up in winning a game.

    Jotting Down Your Thoughts With Paper And A Pen

    When writing down ideas with a pen on blank paper, you can activate your brain, which allows you to express your vocabulary eloquently. For that reason, if you substitute an underline for the missing letters, the answer may become immediately apparent.


    And there you have it; the thorough information about Phoodle. This game is quite easy to get familiar with as it’s just a niche version of Wordle and the pool of answers is smaller as it focuses on food only.

    This game can bring you joy and happiness while playing. Besides, it is also helpful if you are a chef, a person who works in the hospitality field, or any foodie. If you are the latter, we recommend you apply some tricks to take advantage of this game. Thank you for reading, and have fun with the game!

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